Wednesday, June 27, 2012


You know whenever you go rummaging through your change jar, you're really just looking for the quarters. Because quarters amount to something. You can put quarters in pop machines. You can put quarters in arcade games. You can round up four quarters and have yourself a dollar.
Quarters are significant when it comes to coins.

Today my parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. They have now been together loving, learning, and growing for a quarter of a century. I would say that's significant. That amounts to something.

I love them. I love that my dad chased my mom all through high school and never gave up on her. And I love that my mom finally caved and gave him a chance after she moved away to college. I love how my dad was the wild child with a heart of gold and I love that my mom was the innocent All-American girl. And I love that really none of that has changed. And I love how perfectly they compliment one another.

And I mostly just really love that my dad had a mullet.

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  1. Love them!! They've created and accomplished a lot in 25 years. :)


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