Saturday, June 16, 2012

Instagrams & Milk: 'Ello Summer!

The sun is out and it's Saturday, so I'll make this quick and just leave you with a few of my latest and greatest Instagram pics. Give your dad a hug in honor of Father's Day. . .and maybe eat some watermelon too. I ate four s'mores last night and felt like my stomach hated me after. So worth it though. But I think it'd be better if I just stuck to watermelon for my snack today too. 

Tending to the baby flowers 

En route to Lake Powell with the cutest blonde boy 

Lake Powell :) 

My skin is tan, my armpit hairs are long, and I'm eating ice cream! Three cheers for Lake Powell! 

Fuzzy baby geese. And yes, I was hissed at in the process of taking this picture. 

My momma's famous chocolate chip cookie recipe. My first batch. 


This is how I felt about running 10 miles the other night. And I promise I'm wearing pants. 

question mark fry 

S'mores and a fire with some of my favorite people 

Caricature sibling portrait. Father's Day gift 2012. 

Crepe heaven 


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