Thursday, June 21, 2012

On a Hill

Today was a nice kind of day. That's because I went to the temple. The feeling there is one of peace and I love how each time I enter those walls, I instantly feel all the stresses and pressures of the world leave me alone for a while.

The other nice part about today is that I went to the temple with my mom, Grandma Keller, and my mom-in-law. And we ate tasty Italian food at Le Nonne after. I'm blessed to have a temple so nearby and also to have such incredible ladies in my life. Life is so overwhelmingly sweet sometimes.

Yeah, feeling pretty grateful right about now.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Is that the Manti temple?

    1. Alison, it's actually the Logan temple. It has a similar look to the Manti temple though. I think they were built around the same time. I love the Manti and Logan though. They remind me of old castles.


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