Friday, June 1, 2012

That Time We Went to Hawaii-Part 3

Remember that time we went to Hawaii? Like over two months ago? Yeah, I suppose I better finish posting about it then. And lucky for me, Brian and I got sicker than dogs last night, so all day I've been sitting on the couch and I'm bored out of my mind. So I'll resort to mindlessly blogging. Maybe after that I'll read. Then maybe I'll attempt to stomach a pudding. We've really hit a milestone in our marriage, taking turns at the toilet at 4 in the morning to heave our stomachs up. But that's a totally different story. So, onward with Hawaii.

* * * *

Being the oldest sibling, there are plenty of incidents when I'm out and about with my little sisters and my mom is not present where onlookers assume I'm the mother. The first time this happened, I was around fourteen years old. We were in St. George. I took my sisters down to the pool (the rest of my family was coming down later). As my sisters were swimming around, I sat in a lawn chair to watch them as well as read my book. A few minutes later, a lady came and sat in the chair beside me and said, "Your daughters are just beautiful."

Being fourteen, that seemed really weird to me. "Oh. . .um. . .thank you. But they're actually my sisters. I'll tell my mom you said so though."

Well, while in Hawaii, a similar thing happened. We were getting ready to go out for dinner after cleaning up from a day in the sun. My mom and brother, Jace, weren't quite ready yet. However, I really wanted to catch the view of the sunset. So Brian and I wandered outside to Buddha Point (where the sunset was supposedly especially good) and my two little sisters tagged along as well. We sat on the grass, laughed, and just had a good time waiting for the other two hooligans to catch up with us. And of course we swooned over the gorgeous sunset and pulled the camera out.

And then things got weird. Okay, not weird. Just mostly funny. Because a man came forth and put his arms out for our camera and said, "Here, let me take a photo with all of you in it. The girls will want a picture with both their parents together."

Um. . .yeah. . .okay. So that's when we had our family photo taken in front of the sunset.

Aren't we such cute parents? Shortly after, my mom and brother arrived and then the man learned the truth. It's fine though, it's a common mistake I'm sure.

Then we headed off to dinner at a little local place. We ate out on the deck and enjoyed live music. And oh goodness, the food was tasty!

That's that. The time Brian and I pretended to be parents for about a full minute. And the time we all feasted on fine steaks and sang along to Hotel California as the man with his guitar played away in the corner of the restaurant. Also, I promise my brother was with us. He just wasn't in any of these pictures. Well, except for this one. . .

And I'm sure you can see now why I wasn't going to put it up. I mean, look at Jace's face. He looks like he's been smoking pot with some of the islanders. But he hadn't. I'm sure that's just his hungry face.

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