Friday, July 15, 2011

My Anchor-Part 4

I walk across the sidewalk which is covered with a fresh layer of snow. I look behind and see only the prints my boots have left behind. My footprints alone and nothing else. Alone. Maybe that is just how I should be. Then there is no confusion and no heartbreak. Fluffy, light snowflakes twirl around me through the air as if they are dancing for me. I manage to smile as I take in this beautiful winter afternoon.

It is Sunday, February 14th. The day known to mankind as Valentine's Day. However, for me, it will be just a boring Sunday evening alone. Shayla (my roommate) is gone and won't be back to the apartment until late.

 I have been gone all weekend in Boise. At a track meet. Track seems to be consuming my life. Since the kiss with Brian, I have hardly seen him at all due to practice and weight training. Plus, I left for Boise halfway through the week. Maybe it is almost a blessing though that track created no time for Brian in the past week. Because I am not sure what I am feeling. Or maybe I am sure but I'm not sure he'll feel the same way back.  As I think about it all over again, I start to feel queasy, as if I just finished the 800 meter dash. The track meet surprisingly went alright. I did fairly well in all my events for the pent at our indoor meet. And lucky for me, my mom, sisters, and aunt came up to watch me. They so kindly gave me a ride home as well. So instead of being completely alone on Valentine's Day, I was able to go to church with my family and eat lunch with them. Since I don't have an actual Valentine, the next best way to spend the day would be with my family. The people who will always love me. Brian had talked to me earlier in the week about Valentine's Day, but we basically bashed on the holiday and he told me he never had a real legit valentine. I told him I hadn't either. Speaking of Brian, he just sent me a text. I look down at the message which reads, "Are you back in Logan yet?"
That's a little creepy. Is he watching out the window for me or something?
"Yep. Just walking to the apartment actually."

I walk up the steps to my door as I fumble through my bag, in search of my apartment key.
My door!
There is something hanging from the doorknob!
I nearly drop the key I finally placed as I realize exactly what is hanging from the doorknob and who put it there. A smile spreads across my face and I don't bother trying to hide it. On the doorknob hangs a gift bag. The gift bag is covered with hearts. On the front of the gift bag is a pink envelope. Carefully drawn on the center of the envelope are block letters. Block letters that tell me it is only one certain person, because he is the only one that calls me K2. Brian left me a Valentine gift. Across the pink envelope that reads 'K2', there is a long stemmed, yellow rose.

I quickly unlock the door and carry my present to the kitchen table. My heart feels as if it is thumping in my throat. I always open cards first when I get a present so that's what I do. I gingerly open the top of the envelope and pull out a card with goofy-looking squirrels on it. Some of the squirrels are holding hearts and the card says something along the lines of, "I'm nuts about you, Valentine!" I open the card and see Brian's familiar handwriting in all caps. I begin reading:

I got you this card because A) It was one of the few cards left that wasn't just totally mushy. B) Squirrels are cool. 
Since neither of us have ever really had a Valentine, I was thinking maybe we could try it. So will you be my Valentine? Also, I was thinking with the gift you could make a special Valentine cake. The only catch? You can't make it without me.


I am suddenly tearing through tissue paper. Pink and white tissue paper flying wildly through my kitchen. I pull out the contents of the bag and suddenly Brian's card makes perfect sense.
A cake mix and various kinds of frosting. I will not be spending my evening alone. I will be making a cake with Brian.
Brian, my Valentine.

I don't even bother to text or call Brian. I just scoop up the contents of the bag, leaving tissue paper scattered everywhere, and run through the snow and next door. When I ring the doorbell, that familiar smile and blonde head greet me as Brian pulls open the door.
"Wanna make a cake?"
Maybe the enthusiasm in my voice was a little over-the-top. But Brian just smiles even bigger and his crystal blue eyes flicker as he pulls me inside.
"I've been so excited waiting for you to get home! And nervous."
"Nervous? Why?"
"Well. . .I didn't know how you'd respond to my gift."
I pause and then say, "It was a wonderful surprise to come home to. Thank you."

We begin baking our cake and Brian asks me all about the track meet. And I tell him. We frost the cake and create our own conversation hearts out of the colorful frosting. There is not one awkward moment. The night is filled with conversation. I realize how much fun Brian is. And just how much we click. And when I start doing and saying strange things in a sort of humor few can appreciate, Brian gets it and he laughs at me. I realize I don't know what will become of Brian and I, but I absolutely know that I for sure want to stay friends for a very long time. But for now, I'll just think about tonight and enjoy having him as my very own Valentine.

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