Friday, July 1, 2011

Five Feel Goods


I feel on top of the world right now. What is causing me to feel this way?

Well, almost every day I get a package in the mail for something associated with the wedding. Whether it is old fashioned candy, colored lanterns, or my beautiful handmade headpiece I plan on wearing in my hair.

It is Fourth of July weekend. My very favorite weekend of the year. Well, that and rodeo weekend at the end of July.

And Brian comes home TOMORROW! Just in time for most of the festivities.

I am also getting glitter toes done today with my friend Lauren, and I'm hitting up the fireworks tonight with my family.

Life is soooooo good.

Here are five other things that are making me feel a little more on top of the world.

 Fun summer nails. Bright colors and glitter.

Adorable puppies that I just want to squish! My family got a new puppy. Her name is Star, since our other dog is Ringo. We are Beatles fanatics at this house. I wanted to name her Lucy, as in the song 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds'. But Star is a good name too. Ever since our three-legged dog, Rex disappeared, Ringo has been quite lonely. So now he has a new little friend.

This charm necklace I made. I am eager to wear it out in public. And the best part? See that cool owl face?

 It opens and is actually a clock!

The fact that I brought this big bag home yesterday. There is a wonderful ivory dress inside covered in lace. And I can't stop looking at it and thinking about how I'll soon be wearing it as a bride. Crazy.  

 I already mentioned this, but it gets double recognition. The Fourth of July is upon us! That is something to be excited about! The Fourth is my second favorite holiday after Christmas. It is full of some of my very favorite things: patriotism, barbeques, parades, playing in the water, big gatherings of people, America, and fireworks. What more could I ask for? Seriously?

Happy weekend to all! Play with some sparklers and eat something deep fried. Or you're just not American.


  1. Ok, cutest puppy ever!! And, yay for Brian coming home! Also, we need the next installment of the story... We're waiting :) haha

  2. Ha ha. Megan, I sincerely apologize. I'm really a jerk for not being more on top of my blogging promises. My life has been crazy, but that's no excuse. I'll start the next installment now. :)


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