Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Truth Tuesday

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I realize it is Wednesday and not Tuesday. But I had no time to blog yesterday. And I still want to get my Truth Tuesday in. So how about this: we all use our imaginations and pretend that it is Tuesday. Great idea, right? It will be so much fun, guys!

So now that it is pretend Tuesday, here are my truths for the day:

  • On occassion, Brian and I take really ugly pictures of ourselves. Sort of like the one above. And we look at them, laugh our heads off, and then take more. I am just so glad we can be ourselves with one another and show our true colors. Even though those true colors are a little frightening.

  • Wanna know something else secret about me and Brian? We make animal noises at each other. And it isn't just a thing we do sometimes. It is extremely common. A habit, if you will. I think it started with me getting tired of talking so I just started making animal noises. And Brian, instead of judging me, just rolled with it. Once during school, I was on the shuttle surrounded by people, when Brian gave me a call on my cell phone. Before we hung up, he told me I had to meow. But I told him there were people around. He didn't care though. He told me I had to meow or we couldn't say goodbye. So I meowed. And people turned and stared at me like I had problems. And Brian laughed through the phone and it probably hurt my ear.

  • I really can't stand negative people. They totally rub me the wrong way. And I understand that we are all entitled to complain sometimes. I am negative myself on the given day. But I am talking about those people that are constantly complaining and acting picked on. They find all the ugly things in their lives to dwell on and ignore all the positive things. When I feel like slapping these people, I try telling myself, "Well, they do have some hard things going on in their life perhaps." But then I realize, of course they have hard things going on in their life. If you look for the bad, you will find the bad. Whew, k, I'm done being negative about negative people now.

  • I had my first wedding shower yesterday. Some ladies in Brian's home ward threw it for me. So there were countless ladies there that I didn't know or had only met a few times. I won't lie, I was super nervous before I got there. I mean, I've never been married before. I don't know how wedding showers work. It was lots of fun though. And I've always wondered what it would be like to have a birthday in the summer. Now I sort of know, because I got so many presents yesterday. It almost made me feel guilty. 

  • I wish I had a better tan.

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  1. Oh my gosh your animal noise make me wonder about you two. That is kind of really weird. Sorry, but thats okay i still like you! :) LOVE YOU


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