Monday, July 25, 2011

School Supplies?

Preparing to go back to school has always been an exciting ordeal for me. I was one of those nerdy kids that couldn't wait to buy school supplies and couldn't sleep the night before the first day back. I love those lazy summer days, but when it comes down to it, I could go crazy living every day like summer. I truly enjoy keeping myself busy. I love waking up and knowing I have a full schedule ahead of me and I love knowing at the end of the day that I have put every minute of my time to good use. Thus, the beginning of school makes me a tad giddy. 5 days of hard work and then a weekend to be lazy and play. . .that's what I like.

One of the best things about going back to school as a kid was the school clothes shopping. As a college girl, I kind of don't do that anymore. And I miss it. I can really tell I miss it since I am itching to buy some new things. So here is a wish list of my school supplies.  

1. What's the Peter Plan? top

Not gonna lie, off my whole list, this might be the one I actually have to buy. I love this adorable top from Modcloth. And I have been wanting a blouse with a peter pan collar for a while.

2. Red pants
Wouldn't these fun colored pants be a grand match for the top above? I have also wanted a pair of bright colored pants for a while. This pair can be found at and they have an assortment of colors.

3. Backpack
It would be a wonderful thing to find a backpack that actually doesn't fall apart. Every year, my straps end up falling off. Maybe I'm bad at picking out backpacks. Or maybe I don't know the correct way to pack a backpack. Either way, this year will be the year. And isn't this one sweet with all the colorful birds covering it?

 4. Pretty necklace

This bird perched on the branch that makes the necklace is dreamy. Found at forever21.

5. Aztec leggings
Aren't these leggings awesome? I thought they were bold, unique, quirky, and fun. I would love to sport them under some of my shirt dresses. Plus, the comments from onlookers would keep me entertained all day. Also found at forever21. 

What's on your school supply list? Besides the obvious pencils and notebooks.  


  1. A new pair of black converse high tops, or a pair of toms! Yeah, that could get me excited for school :)

  2. Oh D, thanks for commenting on my totally girly post. New sandals are always a good choice.


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