Monday, July 11, 2011

Better Late Than Never

So I realize that Independence Day is old news, since it is now the 11th and all. But I had such a superb weekend that it would be heartbreaking to not give it recognition. So you may now go forth and find the given recognition. Although I sometimes feel that aspects of America are growing twisted and dark, it still is the best place to be. I am proud to be an American. May God continue to bless us all. 

I created a little collage of the many pictures that gathered on my camera throughout the weekend.

My weekend was spent at firework shows, getting my toes done for the first time ever, picking pal up from the airport, frolicking in the front yard with no shoes on, running through the dark with a sparkler in hand, running an early morning 5k with my mom, dry heaving after finishing that 5k, chilling in the boat, jumping into lakes, wearing red lipstick, eating delicious food, and I even got some wedding planning done. Then when it was all said and done, I said goodbye to Brian AGAIN when he left for Arizona for work meetings. At least he was here long enough to watch a firework show with me. We watched them over the lake from the boat. 

And yes, I squealed through basically the whole show. I couldn't help it. I like bright colors and loud noises. 

And yes, Brian had a great time in South America. He never found a dog named Doug (for all you fans of the movie UP) but he found lots of other things that he brought home for me. I am spoiled. He gave me an awesome ring, a set of pretty jewelry which included a necklace, bracelet, and earrings, lotion and soap, and a bag full of chocolate.  


  1. Okay, I LOVE the sign you held up at the airport. Haha I grinned a big huge grin when I realized what it said. :) You are charming!

  2. Ha ha. Glad you like it. I was a bit embarrassed when I carried it into the airport. I just didn't want a boring sign that said, "Welcome home, Brian!" Ya know what I mean? And I'm also not a fan of PDA, so I knew if I held a sign that demanded a kiss, I would force myself into PDA. I'm working on it.


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