Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Truth Tuesday

Technically, it's now Wednesday, not Tuesday. It's just been one of those days. But I need this Truth Tuesday for my sanity. One thing that has always bugged me about blogging is how everything is filtered and all rainbows and unicorns. Hooray, look at this cute apple pie I made! Let me take a crap load of photos of it for my blog! You feel me?

Well, this is not one of those posts. This is a true and blue Truth Tuesday. No filters attached.

  • Moving is not fun and it's making my life not fun. For the past two weeks, Brian and I go from work to our new house to paint, sand floors and do yard work. We have done that for the past two weeks every day until midnight or after. That was fun and all . . . but now I have to face the wrath of my gross townhouse that is chock-full of our stuff. This has made me realize that I am a gross human being who has been living in filth. 
 This is our bedroom. Let me tell you, the pigsty really creates that perfect romantic feel . . .

And I really wish this photo was a scratch & sniff . . . 

  • Today while cleaning out our pantry, I found items with sell by dates older than my college education. That's nasty. 

  • I also found a few items in the pantry we received from our wedding (I know, gross) and I was confused to find the sell by dates were before our wedding even occurred. So, thanks, folks, for gifting us your old food. It's the thought that counts? 

  • While I was in a frenzy earlier today, two boys around the age of 13 rang my doorbell and asked if they could take out my garbage for 50 cents. I checked my garbage can and it wasn't even close to being full. So I told said boys I was sorry and maybe they could come back another time and check. Now I feel like a terrible person. Years down the road these boys will probably think, "Screw society. We tried doing it right. We tried taking out peoples' trash for money and no one would support us." And then they'll be drug dealers. It's all my fault. I'm turning little boys into drug dealers. 

  • Almost all our clothes are/were dirty. After doing lots of loads today, I'm about caught up. I tried doing laundry last week when I found I was out of socks and low on underwear. Brian and I are very sporadic with our laundry routine. Sometimes he does it. Sometimes I do it. We definitely don't have a set laundry day even though we probably should. So as I was preparing to do laundry last week, I found a hamper full of clothes in the laundry room. I sent a text to Brian asking if they were clean or dirty. He told me they were clean. So I brought them to our room and we started wearing them. A couple days ago, I discovered they were, in fact, dirty. I've been wearing dirty socks and underwear for the past week. But I still love Brian. 

  • On top of the moving madness, our water was turned off yesterday. Guess how I found out it was turned off? I went #2 in the toilet. It would not flush. Then the sink would not turn on. Our water pressure has been crap lately so we figured it would come back on within a couple hours. Well, we then went to the house and worked into the late hours of the night. Returned to the townhouse. Water was still off. Called Logan City this morning. Not their problem. Brian discovers and fixes said problem. I finally get to flush the toilet. My human waste sat in the toilet for 20 hours. I've hit a new low. I'm sorry if you can't look at me the same after reading this. 

  • I mentioned I've been wearing clean clothes that are actually dirty by accident . . . but I do it on purpose too. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed a pattern . . . 




It's the same shirt. But really, a girl can only risk ruining so many old t-shirts while painting. 

Well, I think we're done here. That was very therapeutic. For me at least. It was probably disturbing for you. It's okay, by next week I'll be in my dream house and I might be wearing clean clothes. 



  1. This post was therapeutic for me as well. Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one who doesn't always have clean clothes and a perfect house:)

    1. Good, I'm glad. I think we need to show off our ugly life moments more often.

  2. funny -- I mean not that bad days are funny, but that the way you related it to us is funny; I want to know more about the shirt you were wearing in the sink picture. I think I have the same shirt (just received in the mail) and I've never seen another like it. Please share details -- if you can find the shirt in your laundry pile :-)

    1. Colette, my shirt in that photo is one I bought from Forever 21! And it was meant to be funny. I've realized that when I step away from the situation, most of my bad days are actually pretty hilarious. So why not make something (sort of) positive out of something negative, right?


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