Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Truth Tuesday

a picture I took while driving through the mountains & it has nothing to do with this post

  • If you had an awkward day today, just know it could be worse. You could be me. I was sent to a Cache Chamber of Commerce luncheon at last minute because the other person couldn't go. I was wearing jeans and silly moccasin boots. I asked with great concern if I should go home and change into dress pants. I was told I looked great. I was the only person there in jeans. I was also by far the youngest (and it was ridiculously obvious). Several people asked me who I was there with, probably assuming I was some college kid who snuck in for free lunch. But I found a table of lady friends and I found out they listened to my radio station so things got temporarily less awkward. 

  • I say temporarily because I haven't even told you the worst part. USU President Stan Albrecht was the special speaker. I introduced myself afterward and asked him a few questions. He was extremely kind. I felt all confident and good about myself until I took a look in the mirror. I had prime rib stuck in my teeth. Talk about an epic fail. 

  • Also, word of advice, never ask someone if they are an intern. Always assume they have an actual paid job. I know I look young but nowadays that doesn't mean much of anything.

  • Thursday is "Talk Like a Pirate Day". So celebrate accordingly. If you're not sure how to talk like a pirate, maybe this really weird video will help you out. Arrrgh. 

  • I went to Time Out for Women with my mom, grandma and aunts over the weekend. We had a fantastic time but I got really sick of clapping for everyone. Then I started thinking someone should invent a "Clap App" for the iPhone. It even has a really catchy name. Do it and make millions. 

  • I think I may have to talk to BWell about a movie date this weekend because I am so curious about this movie. Looks intense. Why do I love creepy movies so much? 

  • Today my mom sent me a text to tell me she bought some overalls. You have no idea how giddy this makes me. 

  • I got another great text today from my mother-in-law. She sent a picture of her adorable new haircut. Then she said, "Is this a "selfie"? Is that sexual?" I love that lady (Tami, I'm sorry if this embarrasses you but it was too good not to share with the world). 

Well, it's bedtime. Also, tomorrow is National Cheeseburger Day so you should celebrate that too. Why not?  

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