Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blog Challenge. Day 13.

Day 13: A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.

I don't really get "hurt" easily. For some girls, writing a letter to someone who hurt them recently would be easy, since some girls feel people are hurting them on a daily basis. Quite honestly, I don't care what a lot of people say or think about me. If they want to waste their time and energy being mean, then too bad for them.

Whenever someone attempts to "hurt" me and I start feeling hurt, I tend to replace my hurt feelings with feelings of anger. Not exactly the best habit ever, but it is how I deal with it. I get mad for a short while, get some angry music going on my ipod, and go work my guts out. People that know me best, know that when I am amazingly quick tempered and mad at this time, that I am really just trying to not feel pain. They understand that, so they give me my space. After I am left alone and angry for a while, everything is fine again. We don't bring it up. It's over.
So writing a letter to someone who hurt me recently is a big deal for me. Kinda scary actually. And in all honesty, the last time I can think of someone seriously "hurting" me happened a few years ago. I know that is not very recent. But still. I could write plenty of letters to people that have recently irritated the crap out of me. Hurting me is a different story. This really feels like a personal thing for me to talk about as well, so bear with me. I am taking a big step from my comfort zone.

I was seventeen when someone really hurt me last, but since then, I have watched other girls get hurt in similar ways by similar useless people, and then I am reminded of the hurt I felt before. Then I start hurting for other girls I know of who suffer. So maybe to avoid writing too personal of a letter, I will write this letter to the person who hurt me. . .plus all the other guys like him.
So here is my letter.

Dear Manipulating Men,

Quite honestly, I am not even sure your type deserve the title of "Men". I thought men were suppose to take care of women and make them feel safe. You do not do that. You are some pathetic man to feel the need to put a girl down, making her feel useless in order to make yourself feel strong and powerful. Someday, she will realize how pathetic you really are. And she will realize she deserves better. Much better. She'll realize you were a liar when you told her all those times that you were the best thing she would ever be able to get. She will realize how amazing and beautiful she is. She will realize that she has the power to do positive things for the world. . .with the help of an amazing and beautiful man by her side. She will realize how worthless you really are. She will realize how weak you are. She will realize that she feels really bad for you and the road to nowhere you are taking in life.

I sincerely hope one day you will all sort your sick heads out and put your act together. But sad to say, I think that is a big hope. Because you are lazy and you do not want to admit how wrong you are.

With little to no love,

Kelsey Keller

To any girl that has ever been in a bad relationship. . .you can get out. I did once, and I have seen many other girls get out too. Luckily I escaped before things got too bad. Just remember the people that really love you. Your family and friends. They are the people that are going to encourage you to be your very best all the time. They will never put you down. Love you all and I believe in you.


  1. Thank goodness for prayers, friends who love you enough to be honest with you, and people who listen to the spirit and act on it. And thank goodness for beautiful daughters and all the good guys out there who treat them like the Princesses they are. Love you much! If I had to write a letter, it would not have been nearly so nice as this one. You are beautiful and amazing! :)

  2. Ha really? Because I thought it was a little bitter. Love you too. And thank goodness for all those things. :)


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