Monday, November 8, 2010

Blog Challenge. Day 7.

Day 7: A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you.

I try really hard to refrain from blowing my religious trumpet while writing in my blog, but I am a religious person. Religion is a big part of my life. So I realized within a few seconds who had the very biggest impact on me. It is without a doubt, this man:

Jesus Christ. My Savior. My Redeemer. My Rock. My Hero. My Example. My Elder Brother.

I would also just like to add that I absolutely admire the artwork of Simon Dewey. His paintings of Christ always comfort me. Some paintings of Christ are a little bit scary. Like they make Christ look like a person that I would probably hide under my bed from. I do not think Christ is like that. He has to be kind. He has to be inviting. Right? I feel like Simon Dewey portrays Christ in a way I like to imagine him looking. Happy and nice. I like paintings of Christ smiling. They are my favorite. A friend asked me recently if I thought Christ had a sense of humor. Who knows. But I like to think He does. If we are seeking after true happiness in this life, and Christ is our perfect example, it would make sense to me that He would know how to be the very happiest of all.

This perfect man, that sacrificed so much for me, a sinner, because He loved me, has the greatest impact of all on me and the way I live my life.

I would like to think that I choose to do these things the world considers strange, not just because I am a Mormon, but mainly because living that way helps me, personally, grow closer to Christ.

That is the main reason I choose not to drink, not to do the deed before marriage, try my best not to swear, and try to dress modestly. Not merely because I am a Mormon. But because all these strange, little things really do help. I believe even if I was a different religion and I chose to do these things, I would find myself feeling very good about myself.

This is also why I try hard every day to love other people. Even those that are hard to love. Because He loves me. And I am far from perfect. So I owe at least that to Him.

This also has a big impact on me. . .

I know I shy away from the subject of marriage on a daily basis. But it really is a huge goal of mine to get married in the temple.

My family has a huge impact on me as well. Love them to pieces.

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  1. you should post some of those "scary jesus" pictures so we can share in this. :)


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