Friday, November 26, 2010

Blog Challenge. Day 23.

Day 23: Something you crave for a lot.

I often have cravings for several things. I crave Simply Orange orange juice, I crave chocolate, I crave Coca-Cola, I crave exercising, I crave ice cream. But the thing I crave most often when I have a major craving is

oreos and milk.

A lot of people like oreos, but I know many people do not understand why I love oreos so much. Many times I would prefer oreo cookies and a big glass of cold milk over homemade cookies. I realize that the oreo is not that incredible. Two chocolate cookies with fattening cream in the middle. But I love oreos for more than just their taste. They almost represent my childhood in a way. They are nostalgic for me.

When I was just a little girl and we went to visit Grandpa and Grandma Keller, I always had oreos. When you went to their house, you had your heart's desire when it came to candy. My grandpa did and still does have his infamous candy drawer. The freezer was and still is always full of ice cream. On the counter always sat and still sits the welcoming m&m jar, filled to the rim with the colorful, chocolate candies. But the thing I was most fond of was the oreo tin.

My grandpa was always the candy man, but when it came to the oreo tin. . .now that was my grandma's. She knew how much I loved it too, because every time we visited, without fail, she would pull me into the kitchen and reach up for the high cupboard. And without fail, whenever she reached for that high cupboard, my heart skipped a beat. She would pull out the old tin and set it on the counter in front of me. Sadly, I can't even remember what was on the tin. I think it may have been a little boy in pajamas eating oreos, but I am not for sure. I am fairly sure the tin was green though. While I peered excitedly at the tin, my grandma got a glass out and poured it full of milk for me. She would then pull off the lid to the tin, which was always full of oreos. Never ever did I eat an oreo out of the oreo bag at her house. It always came from the oreo tin.

I remember exploring the ways to eat the oreo as well. My grandma always dipped them in the milk, so that is what I started out doing. Then I remember when my dad introduced me to the way I eat them to this day. My dad and I grab a couple oreos, drop them in the milk, let them soak a while, and then scoop them out with a spoon.

Oreos are more than just a good cookie for me to eat. They represent my childhood. They make me remember bonding with family as we ate them together. They make me think of simple days of having no worries, back when I could eat as many oreos as I wanted and not stop to think about all the calories I was eating.

Maybe that is why I often have a craving for oroes when I am feeling stressed. If I have had a bad day, or have a big test, I turn to a bag of oreos, a glass of milk, and a spoon. Then, as I eat them, life feels a little less complicated. I think I will always have my grandma Keller in mind when I eat an oreo, and that wonderful tin she kept her cookies hidden in. I wonder what ever happened to that tin.

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