Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blog Challenge. Day 12.

Day 12: How you found out about blogs and why you made one.

I have known about blogs for quite a while. I just never had bothered thinking about creating one for myself. I think when I first heard about them, I was in high school. I was busy doing high school things like chasing boys, basketball practice, planning school dances, and putting condoms over random people's exhaust pipes on their cars. At that time, writing in a blog did not seem like such a cool thing for me to do.

After coming to school at USU, I started hearing more and more about blogs. I am majoring in journalism. Although some people think maybe journalism is dying, it is not. It is just changing. I am getting to experience a revolution in my field of study. . .which I find to be pretty exciting. Journalists are learning to use the internet as a tool to get their information out.

I was also told countless times by different professors to WRITE. Write, write, and write some more. And read. The only way to improve my writing abilities would be to write and read what other people have written. So I came to the conclusion, maybe a blog would be a good idea. Plus, I thought it would be fun as well.

Not that my blog is completely like a journal, but it is similar. I try to be wise about putting things on here that are way too personal, but it is still good to write about my thoughts and feelings. I have always loved writing in my journal. The bad part is, I never stop writing when I start an entry. My entries will be pages long. Sometimes it is difficult to finish a whole entry like I want. Plus I get MAJOR hand cramps. I like to still write in my journal, but it is much easier to type a blog entry.

I love my blog. And I was wrong ever thinking that blogging wasn't for me. You do not have to be married, or have kids, or sell things to be a blogger. All you have to really be is an interesting person with a story to tell.

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