Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blog Challenge. Day 19.

Day 19: Nicknames you have; why do you have them?

Oh, me and some of the nicknames I have been given. The majority of my nicknames are just plain ridiculous to be honest. Here are a few of them I have been given throughout my lifetime:

Fat Butt. This was given to me by my Grandpa Steve Reeder. I think he started calling me this because he had called my aunt Amy the same thing when she was little. Everyone has always thought Amy and I looked a lot alike. We did look the same as younger girls, except her hair was blonde. So I guess since I reminded him of Amy, he would try calling me "Fat Butt" as well. Apparently it had made Amy really mad when she got called this. It had the opposite affect on me. For some reason, I loved it when my grandpa called me Fat Butt. Weird, I know. I always have kinda liked it though when people tease me, so maybe I figured by him teasing me, he was really saying, "I love you". The ironic part about this nickname is that I was not a fat child. My fat butt did not exist. I was actually known for having a very bony butt. I never was able to sit on anyone's lap for very long before they complained about my tailbone digging into them. Thanks any ways, Grandpa. Maybe someday I will earn the right to this nickname.

Crazy. In middle school, my volleyball number was 8. I loved the number 8, it was my favorite. So pretty soon the team started calling me Crazy 8. Which later shortened down to just Crazy. I still remember going up to serve and hearing my teammates yell, "Go Crazy!" Ha ha.

Kels. It is easier to say than Kelsey I guess? But I really like it when people close to me call me Kels sometimes. I find it endearing. Strange, I know. My girl friends called me Kels a lot, but more so my guy friends. So I guess it makes me think of my guy friends that were always so protective of me. I love them :). My guy friends rarely called me Kelsey. It was always just Kels.

Wolf Pup #1. Another nickname from Grandpa Steve. That man is all about nicknames. After he got so many grandkids, he started referring to us as his wolf pups. Pretty soon, he gave us each a wolf pup number. Since I am the first and oldest grandkid, I earned the right to #1.

Krispy Killer. Talk about a goofy nickname. It has kinda stuck though with all girls I played high school sports with. Usually they just call me Krispy though. Let me tell you how this nickname came about. First, the Killer part. I don't know if people did it to be funny, or if the name Keller was really that difficult for people to pronounce. But at all our away games when they would announce the starting line-up, I was usually announced as Kelsey Killer. It happened all the time in basketball especially. I am starting to think that Coach Line probably thought it was funny after it happened once so he changed my name on the roster. He would do something like that. Then the Krispy part. A kid at a different school seriously thought my name was Krispy. He thought it was so cool that my name was Krispy. But no, it is really just Kelsey. Sorry. The basketball team found this very funny, so I instantly became Krispy. Krispy Killer.

Angel. I have always been my daddy's angel. So this is my nickname from him.

K Squared/ K2. I think this nickname is pretty cool. Brian gave it to me. When we were first dating and getting to know each other, he started calling me K Squared, since my initials are KK. It became his little pet name for me. I remember I had been out of town at a track meet the weekend of Valentine's Day. When I got to my apartment door, there was a gift bag on the door knob. On the bag was an envelope with a huge K2 sketched on the front. I jumped with excitement, knowing it was from Brian.

That's all. :)


  1. Oh so precious!! You and Brain sweet!! Hope you are feeling okay today from you wreck hope Brian is doing well too!!

  2. We are both doin great, Lex! I am pretty sore but I can handle some sore muscles. No prob.

  3. I feel so bad!!! On Wednesday are you staying home or are you going with mom?? I kind of need to know!!

  4. Whatever Mom wants me to do. I am not going to Orem on Tuesday anymore.

  5. k i will tell mom she didn't know that so i will tell her, but i think she wants you to go with her so ya!!0


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