Monday, October 25, 2010

The Happiness Smashers

Halloween is just around the corner, and I am pretty excited! I am quite a fan of Halloween. Actually, I am quite a fan of all holidays in general. But as Halloween is nearing, the dreaded Happiness Smashers are coming out. These Happiness Smashers smash much more than just happiness. . . .they smash pumpkins.

I won't deny it. During my high school career, I smashed many a pumpkin. Usually this mask was covering my face, in order to keep my reputation safe. . . . .

But here is the thing:

I always did my smashing the night of Halloween.
That way, I wasn't being too much of a happiness smasher. After Halloween, people usually throw the jack-o-lanterns in the trash any ways. But a week before Halloween???? Come on, people!!
This past weekend (that would be a week before Halloween almost exactly) I drove through Old Farm's parking lot to find pumpkins smashed. They weren't just in the parking lot. They were also smashed on the lawn. And I wondered to myself, what could be wrong with these college kids, smashing other college kids' jack-o-lanterns? And a week before Halloween? It's a sick and twisted thing really.
I think I have realized what the problem is though. .

Some kids come to college and just go a little nuts. These are kids that probably haven't rebelled a day in their lives, and now they feel they can do anything they want. I feel there are quite a few of these kids at Old Farm. Things like this will happen:
  • It might be Wednesday night (or Thursday morning if we get technical) at about 3 am, and there will be kids outside my bedroom window. They should not be awake at this time. Let alone outside. But they are. Not only that, but they are screaming. I have no idea why. And neither do they. Basically, the only reason they are screaming at 3 in the morning is because they can. They no longer have curfew, or parents to tell them to come back inside. This leaves me to yell at them from my window. Because some of us actually missed curfew a few times in our life and have learned to appreciate sleep on a weekday.

  • It might be raining. Raining hard. It's cold. There are girls outside. With no shoes on. Playing in the rain gutters. Sliding in the mud. Getting sopping wet. These girls are going to get sick. Then they will skip class due to being sick. And FAIL. Sure, playing in the rain is fun. But I got plenty of that done as a kid. I also went skinny dipping in high school before. Skinny dipping makes playing in the rain gutter when it is freezing outside look pretty pathetic, and not very wise either.

This brings me to my pumpkin smashing theory. These kids that never rebelled in high school, see pumpkins on doorsteps and their fingers just itch. They probably heard about smashing pumpkins. But they had in their mind it was a bad and evil thing to do.

Killing people is a bad and evil thing to do.

Some things, I feel, should be experienced, and a lot of these experiences, while in high school. Smashing a pumpkin should be experienced by everyone. So to all those kids that held themselves back while in high school: Go for it! Smash them! But please have proper havoc reeking etiquette and wait to smash the night of Halloween. Some of us took a great amount of time and effort to carve our pumpkins. And we will not be happy campers if you smash our hard work.

Here are some pictures of some amazing jack-o-lanterns. We went on such a fun date last week. Dinner at Iggy's. Pumpkin carving. Carmel apple making. "Hocus Pocus" watching. Did I mention I'm quite a fan of Halloween?

Good thing I lift weights ;)

Best date ever!


This would be my kitty. Which about ended up with 5 legs. Oops.

I would post a few more pictures. . .but I am downloading Adobe Photoshop at this very moment at the same time I'm blogging. My computer doesn't like that too much. So I'll quit confusing her and be done now, and maybe Photoshop will load.


  1. Awwww...did your pumpkins get smashed? Sorry! While reading your blog, I tried to remember ever smashing pumpkins, and I don't think I did. I threw a lot of eggs at cars though. Don't do that! It's very destructive and wrong!

  2. You can't hide your jack-o-lanterns from me! Mwahaha!

  3. How much was photoshop?? I want that!

  4. Mom: We better go smash some on Sunday night when I'm home. . . And didn't you get chased by the cops over an egg throwing incident?

    Dal Pal: Wait until Halloween night at least. Pretty please.

    Randee: I was downloading the free trial, because I just need to use it for my online journalism class. But the download failed. So looks like I'll just be using the program on campus for my assignments. I am not sure how much it is, but you can check it out on and they have a download tab.

  5. i can honestly say i have never smashed a pumpkin in my life


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