Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dear Santa. . .

So I realize it tis the season to carve pumpkins and watch scary movies, but I'm just trying to be prepared for Christmas. That's all. I usually procrastinate everything, so I am only trying to break my horrible habit.

I have always had this problem with gifts at Christmas. I don't want to seem selfish.

I want this. I want that.

You know what I mean? So countless times when I have been asked, "What do you want for Christmas, Kelsey?"

I give dumb replies. Like:

"Nothing. It doesn't matter."

This is a very unselfish answer. However, the people that I usually tell this to, get me gifts any ways. So I might as well tell them about things I actually want/need, right? Then I won't be wasting their money and taking up my space. So I am posting a "Christmas Wishlist" if you will, here on my blog. I don't think I have done this since I wrote a letter to Santa when I was in grade school. How exciting.

Note also that I do not feel I must have all of these things. It's just a list of things, and I would be a happy girl to get just one thing :).

Christmas Wishlist

1. A stapler. It is getting really old having to mooch off people for staples to hold my math homework together. I did buy a cheap one at Wal-Mart, and obviously it didn't work. Wal-Mart and their cheap worthlessness. But I do not feel like buying another one, because I just want to blame all this anger I'm feeling on Wal-Mart and drag it out as long as possible.

2. Money for my "Spring Break of 2011" fund. It's a great cause. Really.

3. An antique turquoise ring. I love old things. I love turquoise stone. I love rings. It just makes sense.

4. These adorable boots at Head Over Heels that I'm half-tempted to just cave and buy myself. They are so so cute! I am a sucker for boots. They are short boots. Light tan. Straps with buckles on the side. They are Bamboo brand. If you are confused, take me to the mall with you and I will point them out. If you want to get these for me, warn me not to cave and buy them.

(Similar to the ones I want)

5. I really want to get my Phantom of the Opera poster framed, so I can hang it up and show it off. This isn't any poster. It is a poster signed by all the actors off of BROADWAY. Big deal. Ever since it has been mine, it has just sat in the corner of my room, hidden away. That needs to be changed. It can even just be a way cheap frame. I don't even care.

6. There is this cool board I fell in love with at Hobby Lobby. Bless that store. It's navy blue. It has hooks on it, so I could hang keys, necklaces, and whatever else from them. Half of it is a marker board, so i could write reminders on it. The other half is a bulletin board, so I could hang a couple cute pictures on it. Everything about this is just marvelous, can't you tell?

7. A suitcase. Or a big athletic bag at least. I really need something to carry luggage around when I go places. Something very roomy and awesome looking! This is more than a want, it's starting to become a need. My Mickey Mouse bag from first grade just aint cutting it anymore. And you think I'm joking. . .

Um. . .that's all I can think of. I hate thinking of things I want. I like books. . .and clothes. Um. So. Yeah. If I think of anything else I feel worthy of adding, I'll let you know. And if you want to get me something not on this list. . .I honestly don't really care.

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