Thursday, October 14, 2010

Faded Jeans. Get Your Dreams.

"Show me a girl with her feet planted firmly on the ground, and I'll show you a girl that can't put her pants on."

-Annik Marchand

I read this quote for the first time back when I was probably a sophomore in high school. I thought it was hilarious. Then once when I was asked that infamous question, "What's your favorite quote?" I named this hilarious pant one. I remember my dear friend, Catherine was near me at the time and said,

"Kelsey, I don't know if you should tell people that is your favorite quote."

She is always trying to protect me. I didn't see anything wrong with the quote. But I have always been kind of naive. And looking back on it now, I may have messed up the quote and said,

"Show me a girl with her feet planted firmly on the ground, and I'll show you a girl that can't get her pants off."

Changing the context from putting pants on to taking pants off may change the meaning of the quote completely. So sorry Cat, that was my bad. You know better than anyone all the things that come out of my mouth that just plain shouldn't.

However, since I've grown up a bit since first hearing this quote, I think it is more than just hilarious. Although I still find it very funny. But it actually means something. Well. . .to me any ways.

Let me break it down for you:

A girl that can't put her pants on. . .

If you forgot to put pants on to go out in public, you would look silly. People would probably blush for you and possibly avoid you. It is just not socially acceptable to not wear pants. Sometimes I wish it were, but it is not.

A girl with her feet planted firmly on the ground. . .

When you think of a person with their feet planted firmly on the ground, you probably imagine a person who will not budge. Maybe you think of someone stubborn. Someone that always thinks they are right. It's their way or the highway. No exceptions.

These people are silly. Because they are PANTLESS.

WARNING: I am about to express my opinion now. You may not like it. If you don't, just push the X at the top of the screen. And if you push that X, consider yourself one of those people that can't lift their feet up to put pants on. I am not asking you to agree with me, I'm just asking to be heard, since I always seem to do the hearing.

I have had it. With what? People and their opinions. . .and their lack of listening to anyone else. It seems like in the world today, people want to be right. And every individual is absolutely convinced that they are right. Everyone else is wrong. People of the world have gotten very good at expressing things, but we all suck at listening. Listening is going extinct. Just like some species of trees are (I glanced at it in some newspaper). Without listening, we are all losing our manners and turning into rude, rude ducks. It is true.

People are rude. People are mean. People think they are better than all other people. Stupid people.

What I am basically talking about boils down to one thing:

Religion. Beliefs.

If listening is going out of style, then bashing on others' beliefs is coming in. And it's hot.

There are these guys on campus. I never stop and listen to them because I don't much care. I like avoiding contention. I like to avoid the ugly and live in my own happy, little world of bliss. And stopping to argue with these guys is not doing my job of avoiding contention. These guys write scriptures on white boards and then tear them apart. They also write LDS beliefs out on their "white boards of power" and tear them apart too. Then crowds of probably defensive LDS students huddle around their boards and waste time they could be using to be happy on pointless arguments with these guys. Don't they realize they are feeding these guys with exactly what they want? They are out there tearing others' beliefs apart because they want to argue. I guess arguing makes them feel smart. Which I do not understand.

I also do not understand how any person in their right mind could feel good about tearing another person down because of something they believe in. What is the point? Really?

I am not being a sorry, picked-on Mormon right now either. Because Mormons do it all the time. Judge. Tear people down. Not all, but some. You will find these some in any religious group you go to. Sure, they don't stand around yelling things and writing messages on boards, but they do it in other ways.

You want to know something I think is true?

There are people who are bad Mormons. Bad Catholics. Bad Muslims. Bad Baptists.

But there are also people who are good Mormons. Good Catholics. Good Muslims. Good Baptists.

No matter what the religion is, you will find absolutely amazing people from all beliefs. Being a part of a certain religious affiliation does not automatically make you a better person than someone else. It is your actions that make you a good person. It is the way you treat other people. It is the way you live your life.

How dare we tear others down for something they have faith in. Just how ignorant and ugly are we? Can't we learn to love people and maybe appreciate that they believe in something that makes them happy? What would this world be without beliefs? A world of hopelessness? Count me out. Each of us deserves the opportunity to find meaning in our life. To find a pair of pants that fits snug on our legs and makes us feel nice.

We were all meant to be different. We are not all suppose to think the exact same way. How boring would that be? Otherwise, we would have a world full of pantless people that can't even lift their feet to walk anywhere, and geez, that would be boring.


  1. I absolutely LOVE this post. A lot of that love has to do with the fact that you and I are from different religions, and yet I completely agree with you. And I think you're not just a good lds, you are a wonderful one!!

  2. Thanks Rach! You are wonderful too.


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