Wednesday, October 6, 2010

There's No "I" in "Team"

Growing up, I remember being told when playing sports,

"There's no 'I' in team."

They didn't just tell me that. Everyone got told that. Although it's quite possible that I was a little bit of a ball hog in my younger days. But that's besides the point. What I want to state is,

Of course there is not an "I" in the word team.

Thanks, Captain Obvious.

If we tried putting the letter "I" in the word "team" it would be spelled goofy and everyone would pronounce it wrong.

However, I get the point. They wanted to think up some cutesy way to tell people to get off their high horse and realize that you can't accomplish much of anything if you're not all working together. So correct, there is really no "I" in team.

But guess what word does have an "I" in it?

Ok, many words have "I"s in them, but the certain word I'm thinking of is

f r I e n d .

I've been thinking lately, and through my thinking I've came to the conclusion that to be a really grand friend, the first person you have to befriend is YOURSELF.

Think about it. . .

How can you be amused with another person if you can't keep yourself amused?

How can you laugh with another person if you can't laugh when you're by yourself?

How can you trust another person if you don't trust yourself?

How can you like another person if you don't like yourself?

How can you enjoy life with other people if you can't enjoy YOUR life?

I am beginning to feel like one of the very most important friendships to form before forming others, is that friendship with yourself. I am beginning to realize just how many people have crappy self esteem. And none of these people should. They should realize they're great!

So go look at yourself in the mirror and say,

"I am soooooooo awesome!!! I would love to be friends with me!"

If you are a little nervous or do not know how, here is an example for you to follow:

Seriously. Is she cute, or what?

I feel very blessed to say that I am happy with myself. I know I am not perfect, and I have many improvements to make. But they are only improvements. . .I wish to change nothing. I really am best friends with myself. I know that sounds silly, but it feels neat.

You wanna know why?

If there is something I feel like doing, but cannot find anyone to do it with, I just go do it by myself. I am perfectly happy that way too. Sure, I would love to have friends with me. But I don't need them to do everything with me to enjoy my day.

Give it a try. Go feed ducks with yourself. Go on a walk and enjoy the pretty fall leaves with yourself. Go grab a bite to eat out on the town with yourself. It really is fun to try! And once you do it, you'll realize that you have the very best friend you could ever ask for right with you all the time! Not only that, but I am a believer that as soon as you can be a good friend to yourself, you'll realize you can be an even better friend to others.

Always remember when spelling words, there is no "I" in team. There IS an "I" in friend. Realize how special you are. Be a friend to yourself. Then you can realize how special those around you are too!


  1. Hey! It's Aunt Amy. . . thanks for writing this, I needed it! Love you.

  2. You are very welcome :). I love you back! See you tomorrow!


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