Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Truth Tuesday

  • I feel like if I slept for an entire day, I might be caught up. Might being the key word. I didn't realize how tired I felt until I pulled myself out of bed this morning. I guess they call it Dead Week for a reason. 

  • It's BWell's birthday this weekend. He's turning 24. I love weekend birthdays because that means you celebrate over a course of several days rather than just one day. I'm bursting at the seams with excitement about it. Brian is so cool. 

  • We've been having a bit of a wasp problem over here and it aint good. Yesterday while I was spending some time on our patio, there were several of them buzzing around my head. I wish I could tell you the exact number, but you see, my eyes were squeezed shut, and I was also covering my whole face with my arms. Then I'm pretty sure I went into the fetal position. I am not one of those girls that totally hates bugs or anything. It's just. . .I had a bad experience. At the ripe age of about 11, I was playing in the creek by my house one summer day, and an angry wasp unexpectedly stung my eyelid. I ran all the way back home screaming hysterically. The screaming wasn't so much because of the pain. Mostly because the skin around my eye was growing fatter and fatter, until suddenly I couldn't see anymore. You know the Hunchback of Notre Dame cartoon? Think of his face and that's what I looked like. The greatest part of the whole ordeal is that I had a sleepover at my house that night. At least twelve girls were coming over. I wore sunglasses to hide my swollen, hideous face but my friends grew suspicious after the sun went down and I was still wearing shades. And that's the story of why wasps make me hyperventilate. We need to get some deadly bug spray up in here.  

  • Has anyone else noticed how all the car commercials lately just seem to tug at the heartstrings? Or is that just me? 

  • Um. . .I won an award from the JCOM department. Outstanding Broadcast Journalism Senior. Even though it's not a huge deal, it gave me quite the confidence boost for the past week. 

  • I love Logan, Utah. Summers here are great. I used to think I wanted to move far, far away. When Brian first bought the Allstate agency, I was happy but a part of me felt sad because I figured that meant we would be stuck in Logan. Such a lousy attitude I had. Lately I've really been noticing how beautiful it is here and how much this little town suits my personality. Someone knows what I need better than myself it seems :). This is the town where Brian and I fell in love. And just because we might stay here all our lives doesn't mean we can't travel. 

  • Oh, and I'm so stoked for summer so I'll be able to spend more time with this guy: 

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