Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Best: Joy Ride

Brian's ancient motorcycle broke down recently, which makes me extremely sad. You see, warm weather is just around the corner and we were looking forward to numerous joy rides. Knowing Brian and his genius ways, he will probably come up with a way to resurrect her.

Brian snapped some pictures of my outfit on Thursday just before the sun went down behind the mountain. He was feeling extra artistic and made me sit on Evangeline (that's what we call the motorcycle). We name inanimate objects. It's totally normal.

cardi: Kohl's, blouse: rue 21, jeans: Silver brand, boots: Buckle

If the worst happens and Evangeline must retire, at least we'll always have these cheesy pictures to remember her by. We will even frame one and set it on the nightstand. Ew, I'm totally joking. 

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