Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Best: Easter Dress Edition

I hope this Sunday was the best Easter possible. I hope eggs were found and lots of chocolate and jelly beans were consumed. BWell and I hung out with my family. We shot guns and played with puppies that are almost a month old. Perfect afternoon if you ask me. And we sported some Easter dresses to church. I thought I'd share. And I have a special treat for you because I'm going to share not only my dress, but my little sisters' dresses and my mom's. I would like to thank them for being good sports. . .even though they may have whined a little about it. I'm not bitter about the whining. Not one bit.

Let's start with my dress. . .

dress: Dillard's, shoes: Shoe Carnival

Now let's take a peek at my sisters' dresses. They are pretty charming (both the dresses and the sisters). 

And just take a look at what my mom wore today (she made her dress because she's talented). . . 

Welp. That's all. Happy Easter and three cheers for pretty dresses! 


  1. oh i love easter dress's! it truly is one of the best easter traditions!

  2. shut the door! you are SO CUTE. your hair is lovely & where did you get that dress? i need it! just lovely lovely.


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