Monday, April 2, 2012

Smooth Sailing. Or Not.

It's day 5 of being sick, and I'm not digging it at all. There is a reason I have a good immune system, because when I am sick I go crazy and drive everyone around me crazy.

Being sick is just lame. Especially when you get sick right before the weekend. That's what happened to me. So what I was hoping would be a weekend full of fun ended up being a weekend full of Brian pampering me, as well as our garbage cans getting full of used tissues.

I went to the university's wellness center on Friday. The doctor who helped me made me feel slightly uncomfortable. He hunched over the keyboard and pounded each key as he typed out my symptoms. He hit the space bar extra hard and I'm surprised it didn't break. And then he didn't warn me when he lifted up my shirt, which shouldn't irritate me, but it kind of did. You know how most doctors say something like, "Okay, now I'm just going to lift up your shirt and you take some deep breaths for me." No. None of that with this weirdo. He just went ahead and nearly ripped my whole shirt off my neck. It's cool. I always look forward to being violated when I have a head cold. I hate going to the doctor. I avoid it at all costs. I almost cancelled my appointment about five times before actually going, but Brian wouldn't let me. I guess that makes him a good husband.

I also had my blood drawn at the doctor, and I didn't even pass out this time. Why am I so pathetic when it comes to being stabbed with needles?

Well, BWell and I spent the weekend watching some good cheery conference. Okay, I've gotta be honest, due to my under the weather condition I actually fell asleep through a couple of the sessions, but what I was awake for was great. And we also discovered a new strawberry banana smoothie recipe, which seemed to do wonders for my throat.

We used this recipe. And then we sipped at the deliciousness and cuddled, and in between sipping and cuddling I sniffled. After this weekend, all I can say is that I hate being sick and I love smoothies. And I love my husband. So much I think my heart is smiling.


  1. Haha I literally chuckled out loud at this post. I hope you're feeling better! You are so beautiful.

  2. Eww -- you must be a newlywed b/c the thought of cuddling with my sick spouse doesn't sound good.
    But, your smoothie sounds good so I guess it is all even-ed out. The school dr story is funny too. I had a similar experience just a few months ago. I couldn't believe it (med student)


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