Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Truth Tuesday

  • I don't think you've ever been formally introduced to our yard owl and our gnome. How very rude of me. Meet Archimedes and our gnome. Brian and I came across Archimedes back when we were dating. We ordered the gnome when we were engaged (we were so excited to have some garden space). Both of these wonderful objects seem to creep our house guests right out. We are the weirdos with the owl and gnome. 

  • I do not understand a parent's thinking behind the whole "If you don't do this by the time I count to three" thing. It has no backing to it. Let's get serious here, parents. Your kid knows the count to three thing is just a big joke. Especially when you get to two and wait a whole forty seconds before you say three. But who am I kidding? I'm kidless and clueless about the whole thing I suppose. 

  • I feel like I'm over college. I'm just through with being a college kid. You know what I mean? The whole "I'm finding myself right now through exploring, but I also know everything and I'm always right" attitude is just getting old. Like gag me. Ten times. 

  • Apparently I am in a very sarcastic mood tonight. 

  • Sometimes I feed Luna my candy bars. And my ice cream. I realize all the cat experts say kitties shouldn't eat chocolate, but she just wants some you guys. I can see the yearning in her big amber eyes every time. And it kills me. So the majority of the time I cave and let her just have a little taste. Brian tells me I need to stop it, but if Luna could talk I am truly sure she'd thank me. 

  • My obsession with wanting to buy colored pants needs to stop. Like right now. 

  • I totally should be writing a paper right now. Not blogging. Oh well.  

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  1. Haha Kelsey I love your owl and gnome that is awesome!! And I know what you mean about colored pants...but you look cute in everything!!


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