Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Truth Tuesday

  • Truth is, we did indeed buy lottery tickets. We only won about ten bucks, but we feel like millionaires after all the totally awesome conversations we had with people while standing in line. Yes, all the lines at the Idaho gas stations were ridiculously long. Yes, most the people were from Utah.

  • I would now just like to remind you that I am an Idahoan at heart. I'm not from Utah. I just go to school here. I lived my whole life in Idaho, where we have the lottery, eat red meat five days a week, and drive at the age of 15. It's a beautiful land, and yes, I do love my potatoes. 

  • I am stoked for Easter. Mainly because I have a pretty new dress to wear. I need to get my priorities straight. 

  • I may have just gone to The Hunger Games twice last week. Once with my mom and then once with Brian. I am one of the bazillion people who are obsessed with it. I have a hard time ever liking something when the whole world and their dog like it. For instance, that time I quit liking Harry Potter. That was a sad day. But I won't give up on The Hunger Games. I just won't. I read the books over the summer while Brian was away from me. I think they helped me carry on. Living through summer without my fiance suddenly sounded a lot easier after reading about children killing each other for survival. 

  • Um, I would just like to state something about this post. In case you were wondering what the brown mark on my left hand was, it's a henna tattoo which was extremely faded. Do not squirm in your seat, I didn't stick my arm in poo after all. 

  • Luna the cat discovered her reflection in the mirror earlier this week. It's now mine and BWell's favorite thing to sit in bed and watch her try to attack herself before we go to sleep. She pulls off crazy ninja cat moves and smacks right into the mirror. It's kind of sad, but mostly just funny. I recorded it. Maybe I'll post the video sometime.  

  • Holler to the girl who brought a mix cd and a small potted flower to my home last week. Becca Fitzgerald is a gem. A beautiful, shining gem. The way to my heart is a good mix cd. If I could, I would require every person I meet to make me a mix cd. The songs people choose can tell you a lot about their personalities. 

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