Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

-Ice cream. Especially Coldstone ice cream. I could live off the stuff I tell you! My favorite flavor is Chocolate Devotion (big surprise there). I know most of the workers by name, and they know me and Brian too. Last week I think we went there four times. And most the time when we go through the line, one of the workers squints at us really hard and then says, "Hey, didn't we serve ice cream at your wedding?" Yep. Yep, you sure did. Coldstone is the foundation of our marriage. K, that was a joke. But seriously, it helps.

-Bubble baths with steaming hot water. I like to sit in the water for so long until I begin to fear that I will shrivel away.

-Painting my nails. It's that totally brainless part of my day where I get to just zone out for 20 minutes. Plus, bright colors always make me happy.

-Instagram! I also find it very amusing that I didn't have a smart phone until about a month ago (an Android) and just in time for Android to get Instagram. Win. My username is mrskellwell. Let's be friends. I would love to follow you and look at all your pretty pitchers. Or pictures. Or pictures of pitchers. Either way.

Would you totally judge me if I told you I'm eating Coldstone right now? We filled up our punch cards so we got it for free. Does that justify it at all? Or maybe that only makes my situation worse because you now know I eat enough ice cream to fill out a punch card. Awkward. . .

What are your guilty pleasures?  


  1. guilty pleasures:
    1. your blog.
    2. big macs.
    3. scaring people.

    also, I love the birthday cake remix from coldstone, though I feel sick every time I eat it. Totes worth it though.

    1. Scaring people brings joy to me as well. And guess what? I've never had a Big Mac. Is that crazy?

  2. I haven't been to Cold Stone in a while. I need to go soon! Love their options.
    Guilty pleasures:
    1) Shopping
    2) anything chocolate
    3) Showering in the evening even if I already showered that morning. It's a waist of water but I enjoy the warmth before bed.

    1. Mmmm, chocolate is one of my guilty pleasures too. I really don't like anything sweet unless it involves chocolate. I'm pathetic. And I feel you on the shower thing. I'm constantly hogging the hot water from my husband. Oops.

  3. It is kinda sad and kinda awesome that Coldstone people know who we are. I swear that half of the time they have yours ready before we even get to the counter.

  4. Nail painting is therapeutic.


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