Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Brother is a Champ!

I have this little brother. Except he's not so little anymore. He is a senior in high school and it really weirds me out to think he will graduate in a little over a month. Lucky for me, he will be joining BWell and I at Utah State for a year before he departs on his mission. And then I'll miss him a lot and probably write him a letter every week.

Oh yeah, his name is Jace. I guess that's an important detail. Ronnie Jace.

I come from a family of track and field people. You know how some families are boating families or some are football families? Well, we are track and field people. Back in the day, I was very fond of long jump and hurdles. Hurdles were my specialty. Most people feared the hurdles and asked me if I was ever afraid of crashing and hurting myself. Well, you just don't think about crashing. You can't. You just run through the hurdles and if you bang a couple with your knees, you don't let it hurt until after you cross the finish line. There is an event that I think is much more frightening than running through a few hurdles. And that event is pole vault. Really, what could be more horrific than flinging yourself into the air with a big pole? Who wants to do that anyways?

Well, my brother does. And he rocks at it. He has been on this wild winning streak, taking the gold at each track meet every week. He deserves it too.

Two years ago, my brother had a very serious injury while pole vaulting at districts. He landed on his feet after going over the bar (something a pole vaulter is NOT supposed to do) which resulted in several breaks throughout his leg and ankle. It was something that took a lot of work for doctors to fix and a lot of patience and time to heal. Finally he's back and better than ever. Because of his serious injury, his leg will probably never be the same. If he does a lot on it, it still aches. I am one proud big sister. Jace is such an inspiration to me. He never complained about the surgeries, the time on crutches, the fact that he didn't get to pole vault the next year until the end of the season, he never did. I would have complained constantly if it was me. Any ways, I'm just really happy. He's worked so hard. I want more than anything to watch him become a state champ come May.

Ladies, he's available. And after growing up with three sisters, he is quite the gentleman. Plus he has killer arm muscles from all that pole vaulting.

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