Sunday, April 29, 2012

Instagrams & Milk

You know when you were little and when you got off the school bus, you knew your mom would have an after school snack just waiting for you? Well, I was easy to please. I always appreciated some graham crackers with a tall glass of milk to dip them in.

So for nostalgic value, I present to you Instagrams & Milk. I'll share with you some of my latest off Instagram. . .and I suppose you'll have to provide the glass of milk yourself. Let us follow one another; my username is mrskellwell. Cheers!

   Baby puppy. Baby anything is adorable. 

Meet our child, Luna. 

Time to shoot some baby goats, ducks, and bunnies. With my camera. Don't act so mortified.

New grill! Bring your own meat?

I'm from Idaho. We shoot guns at stuff for fun.

My mother dear had a bit of an umbrella malfunction at my brother's track meet. Isn't she cute?

Good morning, grapefruit. 

Don't you just want to maul her? 

Yay for pretty scarves! BWell picked this out for me. Such a good fellow he is. With excellent taste. 

Spring has sprung.

And yes, you can find an animal in the majority of my photos on Instagram. I have a problem. I think my real calling in life is to be a zookeeper. 


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    1. Steph, I think I should be asking YOU that same question. I mean, really.


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