Saturday, April 7, 2012

Raising the Roof

We have about a month left of the semester and then it's freedom for a few months. I'm looking forward to a summer of working hard and playing hard, getting projects done and getting my tan on. But I need to stay focused since I have lots of huge projects due before freedom is in sight. 

The Animal Science building, which is the building I practically live in (no seriously, I eat the majority of my lunches and dinners there while working on news packages) has felt quite empty lately. Us kids that put on A-TV News basically have full reign of the building until summertime. It's quite the ghost town. This is because the JCOM (journalism & communications) department is moving! Or I guess they have moved. . .everyone but us (the broadcast students). We get the great opportunity to move into the new Ag Science building. About a month ago, we all went to the ribbon cutting and then toured the building. They also let us be the first people to try the newest Aggie Ice Cream flavor. Sunshine & Chocolate. Such a happy sounding name, not the greatest flavor though. But how nice of them to give us ice cream. It was lemon ice cream with chocolate chunks. Two things I feel should be kept separate. But the new building is beautiful. And so new and nice compared to the old, leaky, grungy building we were in before. Our news room will be glorious. It's much bigger, and we have an ON AIR sign that lights up when our show is going. News nerd alert. My heart is pounding with excitement just thinking about it. 

Bu now I must make a decision. Do I want to go through the stress and suffering and take Newscast 3 next fall semester? I am only required to take it for two semesters, but it's optional to take it a third time. Newscast is a busy class though. It's time consuming and very draining. I'd like to have some of my time back, you know? However, I'm really tempted to take it again so I can enjoy the new building and play with all the new cameras and other fancy equipment we'll have. And I guess I could build my portfolio more?

Opinions? What would you do? 

I do love my major though. I get to take part in such exciting things. Plus, I love that there is such a small group of us who work together to make things happen. A lot of what we do depends on good teamwork. I'm really going to miss a lot of the girls on A-TV News who will be graduating this spring. But I'm excited to see all the great things they'll do, because gosh they are talented. Keep your eyes open, you'll probably see them on the nightly news in no time! 

Did I mention we went onto the roof of our new building after the tour? Um. . .we did. And it was snowing and the wind was blowing snow into my eyeballs. And then a guy walked up to us and told us we shouldn't be there. . .so we apologized and ran away. Oh, the adventures. I love being a journalist.  

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