Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Truth Tuesday

  • Occasionally we come home and Luna looks like she's dead on our patio. She is always just sleeping in weird positions, do not worry. But we sometimes start worrying after we've taken several pictures, laughed for a couple minutes. . .and realize she still hasn't moved. Then we poke her and her yellow eyes quickly pop open. It's all good. She's just dramatic. 

  • I love nights when Brian and I cuddle in bed and instead of sleeping, we discuss our future together. We talk about plans for both the near future and the distant future. It just makes me excited. We have a lot of good to look forward to. 

  • Apparently Glenn Beck bought a new vacation home. . .which happens to be a few miles down the road from my parents' house. And in that neighborhood, a few miles down the road means you are neighbors. I think everyone is a little shocked since where I'm from isn't exactly a tourist destination. But apparently Mr. Beck likes our little town. And he especially likes the hardworking country folk who reside there. Think I'm exaggerating? Go here  to read the article about it. And watch the video at the top. . .but start it at about 14:40 (the rest is just about how they herded cattle and how their house runs on solar power and generators). And I love what he says. Yes, city people would make fun of the majority of the people from my community. . .but you know, the people of my community are happy and solid people. I am now determined to run into the man when he's in town. Guys, I'm going to meet Glenn Beck. Mark my words. 

  • Speaking of city people mocking those from my community, remember Napoleon Dynamite? Yes, my hometown is very near to Preston. Too close for comfort.

  • I was planning on lifting weights this morning at the break of dawn. I didn't. I slept in instead and then made blueberry muffins. Oops.

  • I'm so excited to go to the midnight premiere of this movie that I may just wet myself. I would kiss Christopher Nolan's feet if I could. He's a genius. But I have a bad feeling that Batman might die. Do you think he might die? Eek! 

  • On the subject of movies, I really have an itch to see this one. Anyone seen it? Feedback? 

  • I bought myself a modest little gem of a video camera. And yesterday we bought a desktop computer. We will soon be adding my very own, personal editing bay to our home office. I'm excited to start getting my feet wet in some things of what may hopefully be a future career. 


  1. We went and saw Moonrise Kingdom last week. Quirky, but fun. The cinematography was beautiful. I loved it!

  2. haha cats are so ridiculous! I noticed that you still have my button up! I switched up my blog name. I would love to swap buttons with you again! email me :) or just reply to this haha whatever is easiest for you.


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