Monday, July 30, 2012

My Baby Sister

Having little sisters is the best!

Chlo Jo came over to stay with me and Brian a couple weeks ago. During the day, Chloe and I beat the heat by hitting up the pool. When Brian came home from work, it was cool enough that we went for just a mini hike up the canyon. Then we stayed up WAY past Chloe's bedtime (and our own too) making t-shirts. But that's the fun of being the big sister. You don't have to obey all the rules. That way, your little sister keeps on being tricked into thinking you're cool ;).

Come again, Chloe! Now we better get Lexi to come over soon!


  1. love all of these pictures. i dont know what its like to have a little sister though, because i am the little sister haha. but i do have nieces and nephews if that counts.


    1. Kirsten, I'd say that counts. I never had nieces until I got married. They are basically like little sisters except I can't fight with them. ;)


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