Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Best: The Pajama Skirt

top: Old Navy, skirt: PacSun, necklace: Smith's, gladiators: Ross 

Occasionally there are days when you just don't want to get ready. PJ days, where you stay in your pajamas, watch reruns of old shows and eat bowls of sugary cereal. I had a day like this on Thursday, July 5th. Apparently we partied too hard on Independence Day because we were feeling pretty lethargic the day after. I think the fact that it rained all day added to our laziness. How I love summer rainstorms.  

I would have simply loved to stay in my pajamas for the entirety of the day, but I just couldn't. You see, I had responsibilities calling my name. I had groceries to buy and errands to run. I had dinner to prepare for the celebration of mine and BWell's 11 month anniversary which was that very day! And a girl just can't wander out in public wearing pajamas and looking like a slob. That's why I only wore pajamas and looked like a slob for half of the day. The other half, I put on my skirt that feels as comfy as pajamas. So I guess I sort of cheated on getting ready. But it doesn't matter. 

It also doesn't matter that we didn't end up having a candlelit dinner in honor of our 11 month anniversary. Because instead we ate tacos and drank Mountain Dew while having a "Back to the Future" marathon. Ten times more romantic, right? Just as the pajama skirt is ten times more comfortable than any other item of clothing I own. 


  1. i have a skirt very similar to that and i would wear it everyday if i could. doesn't matter how hot, its perfect for any weather.
    and you do feel like you are in your pjs.
    seriously the best.
    you are adorable.


  2. Sometimes our most basic of garments can be our most comfiest yet cute looking. That's a great looking skirt and I to can see myself feeling nice and relaxed in it.
    Happy 11 months anniversary!

  3. I've always loved long column soft maxi skirts - they're so versatile! And you're super cute! LOVE your hair :)


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