Sunday, July 22, 2012

Open Eyes

My sister, Chlo, stayed with us last week. I had a fun day and night exploring with her. Everyone should occasionally be in the company of a child. It helps open your eyes to the wonders all around you. While she stayed with us, we swam, hiked, painted, and made t-shirts. Some pictures of our adventures are gathered on my camera. Perhaps one day soon I'll show them off here. Actually, I feel like lots of pictures are beginning to gather on my camera. I just haven't had the time to share them.

Today Brian and I spent our afternoon at Tony's Grove. Lounging by the lake, Surrounded by pines and mountains, snacking on carrots, and discussing our dreams while we watched the clouds float overhead. Tomorrow we are off to Jackson with my family to do some river rafting. I have never been, but I've always wanted to. River rafting, that is. I've never been river rafting. I've been to Jackson though. Lovely place.

As I've explained, I've been spending great amounts of my time outdoors, taking in the beauty around me. That is, when it's not too uncomfortably hot. Good thing there's always cool water around to take care of that problem. I told Brian today that I did not understand people who craved living in big cities. I understand that they are exciting, busy places where something new happens every day. But for me, I prefer being surrounded by God-made things rather than man-made things.

I'd pay a visit to the busy big city anytime though ;).


  1. Cute!! I have 3 sisters and the things we used to do when we were younger were crazy fun! You've made me miss those times! Glad I found your blog and am your 101st follower! Xx Eloise

    1. Yay for being the 101st! Thanks for following, Eloise!


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