Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Truth Tuesday

Whew, this Truth Tuesday shall be a quick one. It's time to cozy down and cuddle with my boy and my kitten. My favorite part of every day. So here are some quick truths:

  • I am done with finals and it's only Tuesday. I can't tell you how good that feels! 

  • I went Christmas shopping with my mom and sister today and I discovered I love spending money when it's on other people. Someone stop me. Take away my wallet. 

  • While watching the classic movie White Christmas last night, I discovered that Bing Crosby's woman really annoys me. Like I kind of want to pinch her because she is so whiny and wimpy. 

  • I think I may have spent a solid half an hour while shopping today browsing through nail polish colors. It was horrible. I can't believe I can actually waste that much time when I become surrounded by jars of nail polish. I read all the names and think how nice they all are and then I sample half the jars too. I guess I get weak in the knees when it comes to lots of fun colors.

  • I wanted to buy one jar of nail polish today just because the name was 'Pink Lingerie' but then I realized that pink is my least favorite color of all. It's a fine color I guess, but just not for me. I don't look good in pink. It makes me feel like I'm four.

  • Speaking of four year olds, I have a story for you about what one of my Primary children told me in class the other Sunday. Apparently her mom is having a baby. She's pretty excited about that because this will make her a big sister. So I started asking her questions about the baby and she was all about telling me. Her eyes got huge and her voice got all wheezy and high pitched and she proceeded to tell me things like, "It's a boy baby and his name is Issac. He is inside my mom's belly." Then she got over the edge excited and said, "And teacher, guess what? He will come out of my mom's tummy and eat food from her boob!" How do you expect me to respond to that? I burst out laughing. Primary is much more lively than Sunday School. They never talk about mom boobs in there. 

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  1. Bing Crosby's annorexix 19inch waist girl? The one who dances and looks like she might blow away in the wind?


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