Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Truth Tuesday

  • I love not doing my hair. Love it. It's exciting being able to wake up shortly before I have class, get dressed, and just run some hair wax through my now very short strands.

  • Brian and I are watching Iron Man right now, and Iron Man might possibly be my favorite super hero. 

  • Speaking of Iron Man, one of my few celebrity crushes is Robert Downey Jr. Even though he is sort of an old man. 

  • Brian is still sick. I'm holding out and haven't fallen ill yet. Let's hope he gets better and I don't end up catching the nastiness he has. 

  • Sometimes I get a tad jealous because Luna will be all buddy buddy with Brian. Yes, I get jealous of a cat. 

  • We like to take Luna on rides around town in the truck. She loves looking out the window. Yes, she's kind of like our baby. And no, we aren't bothered by that but maybe we should be? 

  • I don't want to brag about myself, but I'm pretty awesome at being cheap. Just one example: We went to Wingers last weekend with my cousin, Megan, and her husband. Megan and Brian both ordered the sticky finger dinner. That's what I wanted too except I really didn't want all the sides. So I looked at the starters and decided I'd get the sticky finger appetizer, which came with the same amount of wings as the actual meal. Except it was like four dollars cheaper. Then I threw on a side of fries since adding a side was only a dollar or something. Turns out, the side of fries was huge. I actually had more food than Megan and Brian and I spent less. So people, don't let restaurants trick you into spending more money. Always thoroughly look over the menu.

  • On that same note, don't let any type of business try tricking you. Like home decor stores, for instance. After Thanksgiving ended, I really wanted a bag of pine cones to use around the house for Christmas decor. So I searched for pine cones. Finally I found some bags of Christmas scented pine cones. I didn't really care if they were scented or not, but I figured sweet cinnamon smells would be a bonus. That is until I looked on the back of the bag to see it would cost me ten dollars. Ten dollars for a bag of smelly pine cones. I'd rather search around a local park for pine cones that fell out of trees. So I set them back down. Then I began raiding the sad shelf which held the fall decor that no one wanted since fall had ended and everything was marked 90% off. And guess what? I found a bag of fall scented pine cones. And besides the fact that they had little leaves in the bag instead of red berries, I'm pretty sure they still smelled just like Christmas. Except instead of costing me ten dollars, I only spent one.

  • One more thing on Luna, and then I promise I'm done. So we let her sleep in our bed at night because we think the garage is too cold, and besides she is basically just an alive stuffed animal. You all know you wished your stuffed animals were alive when you were little. Well, Luna is a cuddly, living, breathing, stuffed animal. The other night, I was in a state of half-awake and half-asleep and I felt a fluffy thing cuddled against my chest. I just assumed it was a stuffed animal, I guess, because I wrapped my arms around it and started slowly squeezing it tighter and tighter against my face. Then it started moving, struggling against my strength. Then it slid out from my arms and scurried away. And at that moment, I finally woke up completely and realized that I probably just suffocated Luna. Oops. She has since forgiven me. 

And now that half of this post has been about Luna, I will leave you with a picture of a woman taking a female lion for a walk . . .



  1. Have you watched Captain America? If for no other reason, you should so you can get excited about The avengers. It makes me LOVE iron man so much more!

  2. I HAVE watched Captain America. And Thor. And I'm super excited about The Avengers. Woo hoo! It'll be great.

  3. I really like the picture at the end of this blog. So randomly applicable.


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