Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In the Words of Mr. Crosby . . .

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. 

And that's why I couldn't resist taking all the paper snowflakes home from our Christmas party and hanging them from the ceiling of our living room last night. It now looks like a beautiful blizzard. After hanging them, I twirled around a few times and pretended to catch them on my tongue. Then I rented White Christmas and BWell and I kind of watched it while also kind of studying for our finals. 

The night must have been a good luck charm because this morning when I woke up, snowflakes were carefully filling up the sky and floating to the ground. That means while walking across campus to go take my darn final, I had the privilege of wearing mittens and having snowflakes cluster onto my eyelashes. Good luck, I tell you! 

However, I don't think it was such good luck for my final. Oops. Probably should have studied more. But it wouldn't have been near as much fun. 

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