Monday, December 12, 2011

Party Animals. Ones that Wear Ugly Sweaters.

So apparently I married a social butterfly. Because of that we have this hobby that we enjoy doing together. It's called throwing parties. Throwing insane and out of control parties which cause the cops to show up and shut us down.

Yeah, so I'm exaggerating a bit. Or a lot. We throw parties bursting with good, clean fun.

So on Saturday, we prepared the good clean fun for our twenty or so guests. We buttoned up our ugly Christmas sweaters (mine had very colorful and mismatched buttons), strung lights, hung paper snowflakes, turned Pandora to the Rockin' Holidays station, baked treats, and Brian pulled on a Santa hat and insisted that I wear those goofy reindeer antlers. Seriously. We were in the store one day and I put them on to make fun of them and Brian's reply was, "Oh, those are so cute. We're buying them for you!" They even light up too. Now if only they would play Christmas tunes.

We didn't have everything completely in order at the start of the party, so I ran about for the first half an hour like a headless chicken, but it all came together. And it was fun. And no one went to jail.

However, we did build masterpieces out of graham crackers and frosting and it got pretty competitive. The coveted prize was a gift certificate to Coldstone. The queen of all ice cream shops.
Isn't Chloe's pregnant belly the cutest? 

Mine and Brian's was not the prettiest, but we were pretty original. We call it: A Snowman's Vacation from Hell.

 You see, it's a house boat. And there are chairs on the deck with some candy snowmen sitting in them. They are red too so we figured they were getting a sunburn. And then some more snowmen are tubing on the back of the boat. One fell off and is drowning, but you can't really see him. He's the globby thing on the other side of the tube.

There was also a white elephant gift exchange and there were some real grand gifts. Just to name a few: there was a sack with a bloody goose in it, a Nixon's Greatest Speeches video, a giant pickle, and I gave away my beloved old people picture.

The party was successful and I still feel ill from all the candy I consumed.

One more final tomorrow morning and then I am free to get sick off Christmas candy every day and celebrate and think of no school. Oh boy.

Props to Trev and Randee's homemade sweaters. Trevin won our sweater contest. 


  1. Thanks again for inviting us! We had a blast. Love the pictures you posted too, I hope you don't mind if I save the one of Jayden and I. You guys know how to throw a party!

  2. Of course I don't mind! That's why I took some pictures, to share them with everyone. Thanks for coming. We'll have to party again soon.


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