Friday, December 9, 2011


I have this friend. Her name is Rachel Ruppert. Yesterday she turned the big and happy age of 20. Too bad for me, she lives all the way in Florida so I didn't get to celebrate her special day with her. Therefore, a blog post will have to suffice. So on we'll go with 20 facts about my gorgeous friend, Rach.

1. Above is a picture of me and Rachel at my wedding (I haven't shared many wedding pics, oops). Rachel flew out for my wedding and stayed with my parents. She was such a good sport and was one of the biggest helps during my wedding weekend. I love her so much for it.

2. Also, I am taller than Rach even though it appears like I'm not in the picture. I wore the flattest of flat sandals on my wedding day (I wanted to be comfortable while dragging that dress of lace around) and pretty sure Rachel had some heels on. She's one of those cute, little short girls. The kinds that are just bursting with energy, you know?

3. Rachel has this loud and contagious laugh and I love it!

4. She has awesome taste in music. We both have a deep love for The Beatles.

5. Rachel would probably be a hippie if the year were 1967 and not 2011.

6. Rachel is one of the most sincere and real people I have ever met.

7. She surfs.

8. She has the loveliest long eyelashes that every female should be jealous of.

9. She is very smart. She graduated from high school the same year I did, even though she's a year younger than me.

10. When her and Brian are together, they go off quoting movies like crazy and leave me feeling completely lost.

11. Rachel and I went to grade school together but then her family moved to Florida. A couple years later, we made contact through email, continued through facebook once the times changed and email wasn't cool anymore, and we also love sending each other actual mail.

12. I hear long-distance relationships are rough, but long-distance friendships can be pretty fun! At least mine and Rachel's is. But I really wouldn't mind if she was closer.

13. When Rach visited a couple summers ago, she swooned over Utah State's campus and made me feel like I was going to school on the prettiest campus in the world.

14. She plays guitar AND sings. Check her out on YouTube.

15. My little sisters think she is the coolest (which she is).

16. She is like the queen of cool graphic t-shirts.

17. Rachel is a free spirit and is always down to try anything. Which I love.

18. Rach has the greatest and most random sense of humor. It's awesome. Just one example, she will frequently send me texts telling me about Florida's perfect temps and then tell me about how many girls she has spotted wearing uggs, coats, sweaters, and blankets. I usually reply with, "Are you kidding? It's like -4 here." Those texts always make my day.

19. When we were in grade school, she used to color strands of her hair with Kool-Aid so it looked all colorful. And it always made me so jealous that I wasn't blonde.

20. Rachel has a big heart of gold and cares about people. She is one of the truest friends and anyone that can call her a friend is lucky. She is accepting, thoughtful, and respectful of others.

Love you, Rach! I hope yesterday was the greatest! Someday I'm going to wander out to Florida and we'll have a good little time.

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  1. Thank you Kelsey! This was beautiful and I love it! AND I love you, you are the best!


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