Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Little Bit of Christmas Cheer

Looking back on my life thus far, I have some very fond memories of past Christmases. Some of the most special moments that I hold very near to my heart happened around this special time of year when we reflect on the birth and life of the Savior and take the time to give and care for others.

This Christmas was no different. On Christmas morning I couldn't help but think how happy I felt being surrounded by many of my favorite people. And just like every Christmas, the day ended much too quickly and I still want to deny the fact that I can no longer listen to Christmas music and still be accepted by society. At least the holidays aren't completely over yet. But it will go by fast and then I'll have to wait another year for this fun time of the year to roll around again. Brian and I leave for Vegas tomorrow for my 21st birthday (on the 29th). We unpacked yesterday after getting back from my parents' home in Idaho, and repacked in a frenzy so we could head to Eden, Utah to celebrate and unwrap gifts with Brian's family. Hopefully we didn't forget anything too important.

Mine and Brian's first Christmas together was a special one. After picking Brian's sister and her family up from the airport on Christmas Eve after they flew in from Texas, we headed to the Keller's place where we had a seafood feast of shrimp, lobster tail, and crab legs. The remainder of the night was spent doing puzzles, eating cinnamon rolls, reading the Christmas story, and watching "It's a Wonderful Life". Christmas day was just as great. We opened presents and went to church. After church we spent the day together as a family. We spent a good portion of the day playing Just Dance, and we even got Grandpa and Grandma Reeder to play. We also played card games and I practiced taking pictures with my brand new Nikon D3000. Later that evening, we had prime rib dinner at my aunt Kayla's house.

I don't have anything else to say besides that I'm just very grateful. I have never felt so happy and content in my life. . .but I'll probably say that same thing next year.

Enjoy some pictures. Some taken with my old camera and others with my new.


  1. looks like you had a great holiday :) i've just re-discovered your blog and i just love it. one question though...if you dont mind me asking. how did you change the font of your post titles?

  2. Hey, thanks! I just used the advanced template design. You can go through and change all the different fonts. It's pretty easy after you play around with it.


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