Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Truth Tuesday

  • Yesterday I made a snow lady. She is a lady because she is wearing my blonde wig from my Halloween costume. I built her right by our garage door so she could terrify surprise Brian when he got home from work. Building her made me realize that snowman is a sexist term. Brian and I decided they should be called snowbeings because that would be much cooler anyway. 

  • Sometimes I dream of one day being a yoga instructor. Denise Austin is basically my hero. 

  • I love Futurama. It's true. I really do. 

  • If I could be a mystical creature, I would probably be a mermaid. Life would be like a constant beach day. Plus, I love seafood. Oh, but maybe mermaids don't eat seafood. What do they eat? If they eat fish or lobster or shrimp, does that make them half-cannibal? I am curious. 

  • How is it that I can run for miles and miles outside and be perfectly content, but trying to run one mile on a treadmill seems like a complete chore?

  • Touching dirty dishes in the sink makes me gag. So often times, I rope Brian into doing them. 

  • I think snow is beautiful and I get giddy about clomping around in my snow boots.   

Now meet Martha, the snow lady. She has golden locks and a cheery face of strawberries:
Luna helped. . . 

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