Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Truth Tuesday

  • I hate to say it, but January irritates me. It's always a slightly depressing month. Thank the heavens  I was born into the world early and didn't wait for my January due date.

  • I am not sure I have ever bawled in public as hard as I did during Anne Hathaway's solo in Les Miserables. My whole body was trembling. And then later that night, I had a headache from all the crying. Boo hoo. Seriously though, she was perfect. 

  • I want to throw a masquerade party more than anything. Then I can decorate a mask. And wear an old prom dress for no real reason. 

  • I can't even describe to you how much I am currently adoring this song.

  • I would be more than thrilled to own Angelina Jolie's entire wardrobe from The Tourist. She looks so classy in that movie. And Johnny Depp is. . .Johnny Depp. He still runs around like he is Captain Jack Sparrow. But I still love him. 

  • Brian made me try my first ever McRib yesterday. I don't think it's really meat. It might actually be made of rubber. Brian is still upset I'm not a McRib lover. 

  • A hair appointment must be made. My bangs are still crooked from the last time I totally botched them.

  • I am anxiously waiting for this and this to arrive on my doorpstep. And when they do, perhaps it will be time to clean out my closet (I think I'm out of hangers).

  • I wore earmuffs for the entirety of the day yesterday. I wore them while I made dinner, while I did yoga, you name it--I probably wore them. But it's been in the negatives nonstop here. The high of twenty today made it feel like paradise, allowing me to shed the muffs and show off my ears again. 

  • Sometimes I do random side jobs. Like yesterday I helped a friend with a tutorial video he is working on for a guy's website. He wanted someone to do the voice over for the tutorial and I came to mind, so I guess that means I have a somewhat pleasant voice. So maybe sometime you will hear me annoyingly directing you to do things. "Now enter your email address and press next in the lower right hand corner. . ." 


  1. although i have a feeling if you had waited for your january due date you might not dislike the month so much :P

    ps. and i thought i was cold....ear muffs ALL DAY??

    1. I probably would appreciate it a little bit more. . Maybe. And Logan, Utah is freezing. It was one of those days where I just couldn't get warm after walking through the blustery canyon wind that comes across our campus in the mornings. Hence, earmuffs. :)


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