Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Truth Tuesday

  • While everyone was watching football on Sunday to see who would be playing in the Superbowl, we were like, "Hey, Cinderella is on abc family." 

  • I actually really like watching football and I love the Superbowl. But I have kind of quit caring about professional sports. I think I just lost respect for pro athletes after they whined about not getting payed enough. Get a real job, meat heads. 

  • On the subject of professional athletes, I am thrilled about this movie coming out in April. Jackie Robinson. There's a man who played for the love of the sport. I wish more athletes were still like that. What a truly inspiring man. 

  • Cache Valley's air is disgusting right now. I think I'm gonna get lung cancer.

  • It it was socially acceptable, I would wear my bathrobe all day e'ery day. Thanks to my baby sis for giving it to me as a Christmas gift. I could live in it. 

  • I'm not too crazy about girly lotion. The fruity/flowery aroma of it is usually just too much for me. I like to stick to the simple stuff that gets the job done. Lubriderm, baby. Or I love Aveeno. Brian refers to them as "man lotions". Whatever you want to call them, they make my skin feel super soft without feeling super greasy. And I don't smell like a flower pot after. As far as girly lotions go, I am quite fond of the Victoria's Secret collection. Those are girly lotions I can appreciate. However, my bottle of Lubriderm is much cheaper. 

  • I think I am addicted to cherry coca-cola. 

  • Would you judge me if I said I've been adoring this song? Maybe it's the Valentine season approaching that's doing it to me. Or maybe it's just that I love Billy Joel.     

  • My hair fits in a high bun. Last time such a thing happened I was in high school. Long hurrs, here I come! And short hair, thanks for the fun few years. You made me feel like a grownup as I entered a grownup world. Here is a picture to prove it: 

And I just won't tell you how many bobby pins are in the back. . . 

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