Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Best: Circle of Life

sweater: F21, colored jeans: Head Over Heels, boots: Fashion Box, glasses: gift, earrings: Target

Without fail, I still sob like a baby every time I watch The Lion King and Mufasa dies. I mean, come on. That scene is one of the more heart-wrenching of all movie scenes if you ask me. 

Disney just knows how to tug at the heartstrings. And they also know how to make money. Movies, amusement parks, and now superbly awesome sweaters. What will they do to me next? 

And while we are on the subject of Disney, I highly suggest you give the Disney songs station a try on Pandora. It's one of my more favorite things when they play a Lion King tune. That was a good call getting Elton John involved on the soundtrack. Say what you want about the man, I love him. He's a musical genius. 

Also, I felt like my animal print glasses were an appropriate thing to wear with this outfit. I don't wear them often. They are a little. . .loud. Like rawr loud. I also can't help but feel a bit self conscious when wearing fake glasses since I have perfect eye sight. I get that the whole trend is a little ridiculous. But still fun. However, I did once lie to my grandpa at a family function when I was wearing a pair. 
"Why are you wearing those ridiculous glasses, Kelsey?" 
"No Grandpa, these are new sunglasses. They protect my eyes from the sun without being all dark." 
I don't think he believed me. But he didn't push the subject. So I guess it kinda worked.  


  1. LOVE the lion king shirt, you are too cute! following you! XO

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Chloe. I've been wearing it this way a lot lately. So I'm glad it looks okay.

  3. I totally turned on Disney pandora for Addie's friends the other day. So fun! I ended up being serenaded by 5 girls singing the song from tangled :) I love Disney! Cute sweater!

    1. I won't lie, the Disney station is on my top 3 most played stations. It's the best. For real.

  4. Every time I visit your blog I'm seriously taken aback by how pretty you are. Seriously though Kelsey you're gorgeous! Also those glasses. OMG! and that sweater! Oh my gosh that sweater. Lovve.


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