Saturday, February 2, 2013

Our First Date

After writing this post a few days ago, a few of you commented to me saying, "Kelsey, you never even told us what you did on your first date! You sucker!" Okay, your comments were much kinder than that. But I know you probably were thinking I was a sucker.

Anyhow, I did actually leave the date story out for a reason. You see, late Monday night, we set up a camera and actually interviewed one another about that first date that happened three years back. So I thought I would share that video. Remember, it was late, so the lighting is not that great. We set up several lamps to try to light our faces (kinda hilarious). I also blink a lot because I have an eye disease (okay, that was a lie).

The video is a tad bit long. Ten minutes. I really should have cut it down to like three minutes. But I just couldn't. I am being selfish, because really, this video is more for personal keeping than anything. But I understand if your attention span does not last for ten minutes (mine definitely does not). If you would rather, you may read this post and this post I wrote a while back about our first date. And if you prefer to do none of those things. . .well, I got nothin' for you.


  1. I love this. LOVE THIS. I really want to make this happen in my own life.

    1. You should! I'm so glad we made a video so we can look at it in years to come. Then we can be like, "Oh man, look how young we were." And other stuff like that that old people would say.


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