Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Best: Battle of the Sweats

cardigan: Violet Hill Boutique, dress: Dillard's, tights: Kohl's shoes: Kohl's, necklace: Smith's, earrings: Forever 21

With all this cold air and inversion, it can be a constant battle to get dressed in the mornings. my alarm goes off and instead of being excited to delve into my closet for an outfit, I think, "I just want to stay in my bed. I just want to wear my baggy man sweats." But every day, I fight off the evil and lazy temptation to wear sweats and put on real clothes. 

My freshman year of college, I went through a dark period. You know, where I was feeling lost and insignificant. And every day, I wore sweats and a hoody to class. I made up excuses that my lack of dressing up was due to being on the track team. "I have practice later," I would say, "it makes more sense to just already be dressed for practice." But that was all dirty lies, I tell you. The truth was, I wanted to hide. So I hid in those comfy and boxy sweats and trudged around to class, hoping I went unnoticed.

I never want to have that feeling again, the feeling of wanting to go unnoticed. So when it seems easy to put on sweats, I remind myself I am better than that and I put on something cute. Even on days when I don't feel cute. 

So even though I'm experiencing a bit of the winter blues and my skin is so dry that it seems to constantly flake off my face (I am disgusting, I know) I still tried to dress my best for church today. This outfit above was the result. So for a few blessed hours, I felt like a lady. A lady with a dry face, but a lady nonetheless. A lady with a demand to be noticed. 

And then when we got home, I put the sweats on and consumed leftover Winger's sticky fingers and fries. Sue me. 


  1. Oh the dark ages of our freshmen year. I feel like Shayla was the only one who didn't go through that and always looked great as per usual. Glad that's over for all of us.

    1. Too true. Darn Shayla, always making us look bad. .


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