Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Truth Tuesday

  • I am by no means a very good snowboarder, but there is something stunning about gliding across snow down a mountain. It is especially stunning when I crash and hurt my tailbone. Seriously though, I had such a blast spending Presidents' Day with my brother and sister as we hit up the slopes and shared many laughs together. 

  • I think I am finally getting over my fear of ski lifts. They give me anxiety attacks. Not riding them. It's the getting off that freaks me out. 

  • Also, I must look super manly in my snow pants because I was called a "dude" three separate times while boarding yesterday.

  • Does anyone remember Hoku? Oh my goodness, I loved her when I was about twelve. 

  • The guy in the car next to me at the red light today was totally picking his nose. We are talking knuckle deep. I felt super awkward and thought about rolling down the window to offer him a tissue. 

  • I went grocery shopping last night with wet hair, sweats, and a baseball cap on. I asked Brian if I looked suspicious. He said that I very much looked like I was getting ready to steal some tomatoes and animal crackers. 

  • Feast your eyes upon the prettiest filing cabinent I ever did see. Who knew filing cabinents could be so elegant-looking? This will be my next attempt at a DIY project. Definitely.  


  1. ahh i hate getting of the ski lift too, such a nightmare.
    and gross man picking his nose, ahhhh..


    1. Oh, good! I'm not alone in my fear of getting off ski lifts. I am getting tons better. I no longer freak out and knock everyone over who is sitting next to me. That's progress, right?


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