Thursday, August 2, 2012

Perfect Moments

Everyone has their favorite songs. The ones that instantly make you want to tap your foot and bob your head. The ones you sing into the shampoo bottle while you're having a shower. Well, that song for me is this little gem:

A few weeks ago, when Brian and I were cruising around town, this song came on and I instantly started dancing and singing my heart out. Then I said to Brian, "Can we dance in the moonlight sometime?" And he answered yes.

Last night there was a full moon. A big and bright full moon. At midnight, Brian drove me out of town and to some farmland where we parked near a stack of hay bales with fields of cows on all sides of us (romantic, right?). The frogs were singing and there was an occasional moo, but besides that, the night was silent. That is until Brian turned on my favorite song and led me outside to the back of the truck. He let down the hitch, we hopped in, and there in the bed of the truck we danced in the moonlight. And during those three minutes of dancing around by some farmer's hay stack, I felt completely happy, because I knew I had done something right.

We all know that happy feeling of doing something right. It's like that feeling you had as a kid when you surprised your mom by doing the dishes, or in school when you took a test and absolutely knew you aced it. That's how I felt last night, and then multiplied by a lot. Because I knew marrying Brian was the absolute right thing for me.

Our marriage is definitely not perfect. No marriage is. But I think every marriage can be filled with perfect moments. And last night while dancing in the moonlight, we had ourselves a perfect moment. I just hope the unknown farmer doesn't mind that we trespassed. Then again, he'll probably never know.

This Sunday we will celebrate our first anniversary. I couldn't be happier. I guess this post is dedicated to doing things right. May we all do right in our lives and feel happy.

us at the rodeo:) 


  1. aw i love this! it's so true, too.

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