Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Truth Tuesday

  • The above picture collage isn't really relevant to this post, but I liked it anyways. They are pics from our hike while we were in Wyoming a couple weekends ago. And isn't my little blonde cousin a cutie?

  • I'm ready for some Indian Summer. You know, that point when summer starts fading into fall? Gimme that. Perfect hiking weather. Perfect jean and boot wearing weather. Perfect weather for sitting in a football stadium and cheering on my Aggies. Gimme, gimme. 

  • While walking across campus yesterday, I got a sudden tinge of excitement for school to start. Hooray! I'd much rather be excited about school starting instead of dreading it. Because no matter what I want, it's going to start all the same. 

  • I will never ever go on a diet. Unless I grow into an obese things of a person. Then I will consider it. I believe in eating healthy, but I do not believe in dieting. Diets are silly. Plus, every person deserves a fantastic treat packed full of chocolate and calories now and again.  

  • I seriously thought about shaving my head this morning. I'm sure I would have chickened out, but the fact that I was thinking about it means something. The hurrrs are not cooperating today. I think it's due time for a visit to my hairdresser.

  • Tomorrow is my mom's birthday! I think she's turning 26 this year. . 

  • I indeed celebrated like a teenage girl last night when I heard the news about Taylor Swift's new album coming out soon. And I indeed listened to We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together over and over again this morning. Taylor's music is a guilty pleasure of mine, I'll admit it. And I think she's adorable and a musical genius. I don't care what anyone says. Plus, she's got class. 

  • I have a problem with buying clothes when they are on clearance. I guess that's better than buying loads of expensive clothes. But still, it's getting unhealthy. I will buy a dress just because it's under ten dollars. I don't think about how often I'll wear it, I just figure, "Hey, if I at least wear it once I'll essentially get my money's worth." I mean, you spend about the same amount when you go out to eat. And once you eat your meal, it's gone. Buh-bye. But I guess I shouldn't be comparing clothing to food. They are not the same. 

  • I cry when I hear/see this gem. Every dang time. I'm such a boob. But you just don't understand my great love for Les Miserables. Or my great love for Anne Hathaway. Or maybe you do understand my love for Anne Hathaway if you happened to read my earlier post about The Dark Knight Rises

  • I haven't had a sno cone all summer. I know, you're disgusted. But I just like ice cream better. Sorry not sorry.  


  1. Taylor's a total guilty pleasure of mine, too!

    And are you by chance going to the talent show at Brasc (or whatever it's called now) this Thursday? Word on the street is that I'll be there with my girls. :)

    1. You will?!? I actually don't work there anymore :(. So I wasn't planning on being there. But maybe I should go, ha ha. Would that be bad if I just showed up? I haven't seen your twins since they were just tiny little things.


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