Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Instagrams & Milk: Weekend in Wyoming

So, as I mentioned in an earlier post, we went to middle of nowhere Wyoming over the weekend for a family reunion. The drive consisted of lots of sagebrush and antelope, my mom falling into giggling fits and taking several wrong exits, and a sick girl working in a gas station who dropped the F bomb a plethora of times in front of, us, the customers. Those Wyoming women are rough, guys. We walked in and the chick had a thermometer hanging from her mouth. We thought that was a little strange. Then while waiting in line, she yelled and cussed at her boss over the phone since he apparently wouldn't let her go home due to her high temperature. Then she acted like she was hyperventilating as she chucked our candy bars in a sack, all while wiping her snot across her arm. We washed our candy bars in hand sanitizer after that. Just the wrappers, not the actual bars. My grandma felt bad for the girl. I, quite honestly, did not. She was being a drama queen. A Wyoming drama queen with a dirty mouth. 

But aside from that adventure, we came across no other drama queens, but instead enjoyed the outdoors and some company of family members. I didn't even touch my camera all weekend. But I did get some instas for you to enjoy. Sadly, I did not capture one of sick girl with thermometer in her mouth. You'll just have to take my word on that one.   

Driving through Kemmerer, WY and we find these giant wood people. Normal, right?

Driving across Wyoming like it ain't no thang. 

I discovered the addakitty app. How fantastic. 

A fine summer evening 

Married a year and still crazy in love. It's real, folks. 

Wyoming mornings are cold. Good thing there were natural hot springs nearby! 

Again with the addakitty. Hilarious. 

My husband likes to chuck my sister around. It's cool. 

Surprisingly, no one lost their balance and fell in.

Life-size chessboard. Cowboys vs. Indians style. 

I love getting to see my lovely cousin, Meg. Such a babe.

Trees!!! I love trees. 

She picked a flower for me on our hike 

A hike around Silver Lake for our anniversa-weekend! 

If you want to be Instagram buddies with me, find me @mrskellwell. You can browse through more odd vacation pictures as well as many photos of Luna, my cat. 


  1. My wife had to go to Kemmerer Wy for a business trip...I know, sort of funny to imagine. Anyway, so I google Kemmerer Wy and search blogs and came across your blog. Great pictures and it looks like you somehow managed to find some fun in Kemmerer.

  2. Kelsey,

    I have to laugh about sick girl! There are some rough girls in Wyoming, but there are also some strong, tough, and kind women who you would enjoy meeting! Too bad that one was such a flake. We loved seeing you and Brian and your family and loved getting reacquainted. I'm glad you enjoyed the Saratoga area. We love it! Come to Casper sometime. You would like this part of the state, too.
    Love your blog.

  3. The addakity scared me (me: Arghhh! That cat!!) until you said it was an app (me: oh,) I've added this as reason #1495 why I should chuck my blackberry and get an iPhone. Great pictures, kudos to the photographer(s)!

  4. These photos are so lovely! Haha that cat is quite surprising haha.

  5. What a pretty place ! Glad you guys had a great time - we missed you in Boulder Mtn, however. So excited to see you Sunday - Love love love the addakitty. Hysterical.

  6. Kelsey, did my sister Brittnee tell you yet that they saw the same girl when they were on their way to Saratoga?!??!!? Keeping it classy in Wyoming. LOVE your blog!!! And I am so happy that you all made the trip to Wyoming; it was so fun to "meet" you!!!! And meet your cute husband, too! Hopefully we will see you again in the near future. Much love from your mom's cousin, Kim :-)


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